Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Playing in Catch with John.

Now I log in and am greeted in comms by corp mates that were ratting Sanctums in system and asked if I wanted to join. They were blitzing them by getting 2-3 people to crash each one and a dedicated savager following on. They were completing Havens and Sanctums in 10-15 mins each. Not really fast but using armour tanked Vexor Navy Issues and Dominix.  So not too many damage mods for the drones they are using. Relying on  numbers.

Now I just had combat cruisers, destroyers and the odd frigate, so I declined.
There was also nearly always a red in system, and usually more than one. 5 minutes later there were 40+ looking for a fight.
Not good ratting conditions.

The armour tank was also because most ships have 0% EMP shield resistance, which is a big old hole to fill.  It can be done but pushes the base price of the ship right up to silly money.

What do people use to Rat in Sansha space? If you cannot fly or afford a Nightmare that is.

Anyway, not what I am in Catch for.

There was a big one forming 6 jumps away in Providence, so I joined. No ships there, so fitted an Atron with a Micro warp and a couple of outrageously prices warp core stabs and jumped.

Uneventful journey. Lots of wrecks on gates but no hostiles on them. some reds in local and some neuts but that's it.

Luckily a lot to choose from in the market in the form up system.

Bought a Vexor. It was the only ship not at 200% price and fitted it out with an armour tank, drones 200mm Rails and Spike ammo. Chuck in a long point, web, afterburner and Sensor Booster and good to go.


I fly a Mac not a PC and EVE on Mac's seems more unstable. I took the precaution of restarting before I logged in. It did not stop me disconnecting while fitting, and again after leaving station.

I was now playing catch the fleet. Was on comms listening to all the jump orders and a corp mate was posting the current system in corp when they changed. I then proceeded to disconnect half way, and then again 1 jump away from them on a gate.

At this point I suffered what can only be described as wife aggro, as it was about 21:00 and I had been on line (mainly off trying to re connect) for about an hour and a half...It was bin day the next day and coffee was required. Must try and organise the children to do the bins and wife to make own coffee.... Nah, pipe dream, will never happen!

So my Cruiser that I just spent 25 million fitting is sitting effectively 10 k from a gate in Catch, in a hostile system. A bit pot luck for when I log in. If there is a hostile camp on that gate, they will have me locked before I can burn to gate or warp away. Toast.

Now disconnects happen, but in the last few days since one of the daily updates much more frequently. Its always (I believe from reading the forums) been worse among Mac users but 4 times in an hour of game play is silly.

CCP Please look at stability. Its a new top range iMac so should meet specs. All the asteroid effects are off as well, as I found in belts, it looks really pretty but slows the machine down a bit.

No Kills, No Fun and looking forward to a edge of seat experience when I next log in... Aiming for a midday eve time slot as hopefully EU is a work, US in bed and Russians just on way home...

So minimise the chance of a hostile camp.

I can't believe that I pay to have this much fun!


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