Friday, January 16, 2015

Fleets in Catch

Well there is a lot of them...

John went out in a small corp fleet (well 6 of us), all in cruisers for a bit of an orientation shakedown.

Sort out any fitting kinks, rename ships, insure them etc.

None of us were expecting to survive this one, all part of learning the new locations.

First a quick run over to HED , seeing other small blue fleets, and one massive one. We saw numerous neutral ships, some even hanging around on gates....
We all wanted to shoot them on general principles, but our FC would not allow it.... Apparently our new alliance operates a NRDS policy... We all think that this is wrong, but that's the low sec side talking....
HED was half and half blue and red, looked like a fight just ending, 100 ish in system. Warped to high sec gate at 300 and hung around  aligned and ready to warp into gate if anything looked good.

5 mins later and all the blues started leaving, leaving 5 vs 50... not being totally stupid we set destination south to see whats there, about 5 jumps later lots of reds, and we see a massive PL gang camped firmly at a gate. Not wanting to appear cowardly, we bravely D-scanned them and left for our urgent appointment at the space barnacle cleaners.

Stopping at SV5-8N we clustered on a gate with cloaked eyes on the other side. So 5 of us against the world.
Luckily we had a null sec veteran with us in an interdictor, He bubbled the gate whenever anything was coming through.
Have to say I failed as a camper.
1. Locked before activating guns, but did not bother to fire as all targets outside my range(by a long way - blasters)...
2. Warped away after each lock expecting gate guns.... Well tried... bubbles do spoil your day.

Must admit only did number 2 once to some gentle chuckling.
Number 1 though, missed first 3 targets before I was reminded to fire.

Got on the last, a pod....empty though.

Trotted home and docked up as it was late...

Next time out we had to join a CVA fleet....

Guess who the only Muppet was who had not signed up to their mumble server.

40 mins later I gave up and logged off.

M ost
U seless
P rovi
P ilot
E ver
T rained


Not Red Don't Shoot

To be honest it makes providence a fairly safe area for independents and non war targets.

Personally always been NBS  --- Not Blue Shoot it

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