Monday, January 5, 2015

Brief catch up and overview

Well, new job in RL has kept me busy. Not tooo busy to play Eve but nearly. Now its 2015 and lots of in game catch up to do.

3rd Character I build I named Hardly Athletic, as I had no plan zipping around the galaxy!
Hi sec PI was fairly productive, but due to my laxness I was getting about 13 million a week out to Dodixie. Happy days. Now due to other changes detailed later he is sitting in that Hell hole that is Jita IV, training some trade skills. Using last 5 days of the Christmas freebie to do this. His job is basically to buy anything Oliver and soon to be John wants and contract to a Jump Freighter service for delivery.
He also (hence the trade skills) receives 'stuff' sent back the other way for disposal. The first load went straight to buy orders, but now the trade skills are developing some will go on the market.
Its nothing brilliant, just ratting loot belonging to Oliver.

Now he has gone from high sec mining in the Placid region to the role of Low sec renter in Vale of the Silent. Only been there 10 days so fairly new... Was looking to join Ares Legion, part of the Bastion, as that was where a number of other ex Back Water pilots went, however, they  will only take main (or all characters) on an account, so that was a no. I was up front and declared I was an alt and who and where main was though. Several ex Back Water pilots recommended a smaller renter corp in the same region. So I applied. It helped that I knew one of them and came recommended by a couple of Ares Legion chaps, but inside a few days I was accepted, and just had to run out to their home.
Now as per usual the gateway between The Forge and Vale of the Silent was hell camped. I also had to get there, 27 jumps mainly through high sec. Being happier in Low I went 18 through low sec and just a handful in high to get to a seemingly random low sec system.
Now I was warned that getting there with significant assets would be problematical. I was advised pick interceptor or bomber and get everything else brought by the normal JF run twice a week.
Not wanting to be stuck with nothing to do I fitted a Prospect for mining, filled the hold with BPC's that may be useful and there I was. The lowsec run, in a ship with a stupidly small sig radius, cloak and travel fit was easy. Blew through two gate camps before they could lock. Nearly all battle cruiser DPS ships or battleship smart bombers...
The corp CEO came to meet me in a black ops battleship and (this is where the Prospect is good) bridged me through to one of their systems. After a cool down used a jump bridge to my new home.

Without giving any details away, the new home is a quiet system, but not a dead end, so there is some passing traffic, that looks to have lots of ratting sites, but no ore sites.
The mining all takes place in a remote system that is one step away by Jump Bridge.

Remains currently in low sec Placid. Has been a little relaxed in activities. Shot a couple of defenseless data site runners in Pelille, went to war against high sec Island dwellers 9 to 5, and shot a few of their POCO's. explored a number of wormholes, ended in Null a few times running data and relic sites, and joined a couple of Gal Mil fleets and shot nothing.... and that's about it.
The Data site runners were both fairly new, one was an old account but had re subbed with the Rhea release. Both were clueless about D-scan as I was following with combat probes. To be honest I was looking for lost drones but when ships pop up, its rude not to track them down.
I followed the same routine for each, entered site cloaked, sat 10k off a can and waited for them to come to that can. as soon as they started the hack, de-cloaked, locked and a single rail gun volley, blew them off the field. Did not bother to lock the pods, and they were both probably quick enough to evade if I had.
Had a chat afterwards and showed both how to Dscan. Also felt sorry for them, so in the spirit of good cheer and all that re shipped both into  cruiser hulls, I had spare, and sent them on their way. Hopefully that would help them to re sub rather than jack it in. Also both may stay out of low sec until they feel happier.

More individual details shortly

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