Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oliver's Not Long for Null.....

Yes. That's right.....Setting up PI!

So based on previous track record, about 2 weeks until I am kicked out or evicted.

Every set up before (except in the wormhole) has been haphazard to say the least. No definite point. In the hole it was set up to provide all the PI needed for fuel blocks, so that I had to import less to make my own.

Here I have a goal in mind.

Self-Harmonizing Power Cores....

A top stage product requiring 9 different resources, 3 of which are used more than once.

So 9 Raw Materials
9 Stage 1 materials
6 Stage 2 Materials
3 Stage 3 Materials
= 1 Product

Oliver can do a maximum of 5 planets, a 20 day train for the 6th

So set up on

No Plasma or Ice planets available

This is cutting things very fine
Larva has 3 extractor heads dragging up
Suspended Plasma
Heavy Metals
Doing this and 5 basic processors take all my cpu... so output is small of each resource.
Oceanic extracts Plantic Colonies and Complex Organisms
Gas both Reactive Gas and Electrolytes
Temperate extracts Autotrophs and also takes the product of Reactive Gas and Silicon to make 3 of the Stage 2 materials
Barren, Sole source of Precious Metals does this and 3 stage 2 all the stage 3 and the final stage 4 reaction.

So re setting my PI each day is slightly more complicated.
I have not been to the planets in the wrong order, honest.
On the Barren I drop off stage 1 and stage 2 resources, both needing to go to a different storage area. Not being able to transfer it without hours of paperwork is a pain.

So after 3 days I am the proud owner of several (4) Self-Harmonizing Power Cores. The bottle neck in my production appears to be Plasma and Toxic Metal, these and Silicon all from the larva planet.

I could produce from another planet with 22 days training, using a storm to get plasma, but I have no alternate source for Silicon and Toxic Metals. I could also spend 22 days getting the command center upgrade to 5 to increase the power on all my planets....

So much training

Now what to do with the PI

Option 1: Try and sell here....
Option 2: Export to Jita. about 35k transport cost. Buy orders for 1.6 million
Option 3: Invest in a Small POS weapon BP and make POS guns

IF 3 then sell here or export to Jita. 5 times the volume of the raw resource to transport to Jita and the same buy order value for the weapon and Self-Harmonizing Power Core.
Also what weapon system, Laser, Hybrid or Projectile... No one sane uses missiles.

All those POS owners, what do you use?

Most of the POS that I have seen around here are Caldari, and appear to use lasers of some sort.

Do I go for quick profit or do I look to providing a small service to the area....?

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