Monday, January 26, 2015

A bit of a shock

I have recently decided on a direction to take for Industry in Vale of the Silent.


Everyone's favorite ratting tool in Renter Land and I am told also somewhat useful in PvP.

Now in the nearly 4 weeks I have been in Vale, I have lost 5 drones to ratting and another two in the Caracal that died... Annoyingly I forgot to even launch them... Well its a leaning experience.

The ones I have lost to rats, have all been when I have been either distracted by Her Who Must be Obeyed, or for two of them, I was busy typing in chat and looking at who was in system to notice they were dying....

Now, to replace them its either a trip to the renter capital of 2DWM-2 or a trip to TVN-FMX (Where I have been told, once or twice, that I can dock...)


a Jita order that will take 3-4 days.

When you need drones you tend not to want to brave the roaming gangs to go shopping or wait for the Jump Freighter service.

So, I thought, one step at a time, do mediums I have the BPO's. Doing ME research on them, just acquired the skill books for the science skills, ordered the morphite and moon goo stuff and thus ready to go.

Or not

Invention. Had not played with this for a while and its changed a bit.
Now you need a BPC before you can even look at the invention tab to see the requirements, but the number of copies is now variable. It used to be max for anything but ships, and 1 run for ships. Now I am less than clear on modules, do you need max runs?
The dev blog says that an invention job will reduce the bpc by one run at a time... but not clear on a minimum required.

So I have created a BPC with 140 runs as a test, now need Data Cores.  And possibly a Decryptor.
Luckily I had found a couple of data sites and attempted them in a Heron with tech 1 analyser and level 3 skills.  I was pretty amazed that I came away from the hack with anything to show for it, but I did.
Anyway, came away with data cores for:-
Caldari Starship Engineering
Graviton Physics
Hydromagnetic Physics
Mechanical Engineering
Rocket Science

Also found 7 different types of Decryptor.

Which is great. Except I need Electronic Engineering Data Cores

So waiting for a Jita order before I can start.

Now the shock

Gas sites..... Well scanned one down in one of our systems. I thought great, see what sort of gas it is, and see if anyone in corp uses it, if not it will sell well in Jita.

So nipped back to the station, Jumped into a venture and put a couple of gas harvesters in there. Warped back to system and warped to anomaly. A box popped up, which I largely ignored as I assumed it was the null sec equivalent of the wormhole gas  pop up...

Landed and looked for the gas.....
I see structures
I see Red +
I see Lots of Red +
I see no gas

I see pod.....

Turns out it was a

H-PA Crew Blue Pill Production Facility

Not what a semi awake gas guzzling venture wants to see....

So embarrassingly I die to rats.

Sheer carelessness on my part, assuming that Gas sites in one part of space are the same as Gas sites in another part of space.... That would just be silly.

Its the first time I have tried the new Data Hacking process as well.

I like the fact that the little number now tells you how far you are from a good find, or potentially good find. If you are near an edge and a high number pops up. No longer do you have to risk all the bad ones just to see if the core is hiding in the 1 space you have not been to.

Removal of loot spew is also a sending from Bob. I was always missing the good loot in the past because in the frantic click fest I either missed or otherwise mucked up getting the can I wanted. Now what you scan is what you get.
If you scan.
My skills being rubbish I am only getting about 50% of the cans, so if I scan and see a large tower bp and then blow the can I will be annoyed, so simple, I do not scan.  Scanning was only important if you were going to cherry pick and not complete the site or if you needed to know what was in the can to aim the loot spew collection at the things you want.
Not completing the site is silly in renter space as it does not re spawn for longer. And with limited systems to hunt in, complete them all.

And it gives a mid slot spare to play with. Possibly a drone mod or a shield mod to dual tank (sacrilege I know, but a bit of extra tank)....Who knows, not worked out what would actually be useful yet.



  1. The combat gas sites can pay out very nicely. The Neurotoxin Control skillbook sells for 200 mil and you can get various drug BPCs/reactions etc. IIRC Vale is Blue Pill or Crash. You do need good skills to crack open the cans though.

    1. What kind of ship do you use to run it?

  2. Only one I ran was a tech 2 fitted Gila.
    Worked well.