Thursday, February 5, 2015

Drama in Germinate

Apparently there is...

Now there seems to be some sort of war going on, mainly involving Russians.

Why does this affect me you say?

Well, it seems that the Vale rental command  has placed the area off limits to any members. A blanket no go.
If they find out you have been shot there, or indeed been doing the shooting there, apparently you may be shot again. And possibly again.

Some high up power negotiation has us keeping out.

That does not stop Germinate residents from roaming through our areas.

It also to be fair does not stop us shooting the intruders if we can:
1. Find them
2. Be bothered
3. Un dock

The crowd I have fallen in with seem ok, and if the fight comes to us, most are happy to reship and give it a go, but no one goes looking for trouble.

But its not why we rent. I am sure that there are some people that this is their main game play and their only characters, however I am equally sure many others are alts of a combat/mining/hauling character and their only reason to be here is to build the cash to be able to splash the cash elsewhere.

I am one.

I am guilty of spending four fifths of my time in Vale at present. I now have a set up that I can log in and in about an hour earn 40-45 million. Now this is sorted I may scale back Vale and play more in Catch. Well at least until I get my ships shot out from under me and need some more.

This is pretty good, but its taken me a month to get there. It does mean that if I log in and do this 20 days straight I can probably buy a plex and pay for the account. That gets me 10 days of game time for other activities.

Needless to say, I am not always on for an hour, nor am I solely ratting for that time. I scan, reset PI, and do some invention. If I find relic or data sites I do these. Sometimes I mine, just to be sociable.

Now the month in Vale has been quite profitable
looking at cash flow
I went there with 135 million in cash and a Prospect. I took existing BPCs for some stuff, mainly some ships. This was between Oliver and a Jita Character.

Beginning Of Feb.
Cash on hand Oliver : 101 Million
Cash On Hand Jita : 52 Million

Fully fitted Ratting VNI Estimated value 125 Million (
Fully fitted dead space fit Gila Estimated Value 425 Million
Algos - Salvager  Estimated 10 million
Caracal Combat Estimated 22 million
Astero Scout Estimated 160 million
Drake fit for combat (its a laugh) Estimated 50 Million
Nemisis 30 million
Epithal, Kryos, Miasmos  5 million
Procurer 25 million
Heron 50 million (sisters probe launcher)
Venture 5 million

so roughly 900 million in ships plus the prospect.

According to the in game estimator roughly 500 million in assorted junk.

Also about 100 million in BPO's including some POS weapons

This is from selling everything I loot, making rigs with salvage and selling those and price of all tech 2 salvage and PI finished material on hand.

I admit that probably half of that income has come from Data and Relic sites. So they are worth doing...

In short I am no longer poor.

Next step is buying a ratting ship and a small pile of combat ships for John

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