Monday, January 19, 2015

Bears with Teeth

The last few days, around 23:00 Eve time our system had the same people trolling through, looking for easy kills. Each time a pair of Vexors.

Day 1, they buzzed around and disrupted ratting, so several people un docked some larger ships and they left.
The next day they visited several times. I joined in re shipping to a Caracal to see what happened, the first time they came through. They hung around gates and we bounced around looking for them. They ran.

Later, long after I had gone to get my beauty sleep, one came back.

Not sure of the entire story, but it ended badly for him...

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Next day, same time he came back with a friend

Again, we chased him off station and then to gate, and when I warped to Zero they jumped.... and left for all of 10 mins

One of our guys dropped a bubble off gate to catch the direct line to station as soon as they left gate and we all assumed positions.
Now my ship was built here, and used parts 100% from ratting or mining, with the exception of the drones. Its biggest hole was that I had no rigs, which is something I will rectify.

Arbalest Rapid Light Missile x4  Inferno Light missiles
Medium Rudimentry Concussion Bomb

Experimental 10MN Afterburner
Hypnos Multi Spectral ECM
Large Supplemental Barrier
Medium C5-L Emergency Shield Overload
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction

Beta Reator Control shield Flux
Compact Reactor control Unit
Type D Power Core Mod - Cap Power Relay
Hypnos Signal Distortion Amp

I know, the lows are rubbish, And the shield mods in the middle should be large. But hey it was free and slung together from parts on hand.
EHP about 10K and damage without drones a massive 120 DPS

Kill board value about 19.09 million.

Anyway sitting outside station with this we are told they are caught in the gate bubble with eyes about 40 km away and closing. We position ourselves to warp. I was heading to them at 0 as a distraction while the others positioned to warp to the cloaky.

Time to go, we all entered warp together. I pre activated my missile launchers and ECM, landed and immediately locked and fired on the closest. Activated the smart bomb as they had hammerheads out, and orbited at 10 with AB on. I was taking damage but dishing it out as well, then call came in to primary the other. Both were now pointed and neuts and DPS landing. So I switched... To be honest I get to get on both kill mails.

They still managed to kill me, 31 seconds later, but both then suffered a fiery death less than 30 seconds later. I got on both kill mails, but died, and disconnected at same time.

My Glorious Caracal !

Apollo 4


So 64.38 million of kill for a loss of 19.09 million. Anyway pod escaped and my modules scooped and returned, so 6 million better off in parts as well...

I can live with that.

Then finished the site I was interrupted in. Earned enough ISK to pay for the loss if I wanted another shipped in.

I suspect I will ship in a number of decent tech 2 modules to outfit a few more...

It was fun.

Now need to mine to build hulls or import some...


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