Friday, January 9, 2015

Null Sec 2015

As the Blog is stupidly called - 'New To Null' I suppose I should start there!

I had been considering moving one character back to Null sec, as to be honest I enjoyed it there.
I had still not for filled an objective of ratting properly (i.e not belts) in a null sec environment. I also had not built as much as I wished.

As a renter in CFC space there appear to be strict rules.
1. Stay in your systems unless shopping or traveling.
2. No scanning in systems that you do not rent
3. No mining in systems you do not rent
4. No ratting in systems you do not rent
5. Station services, e.g. refining can be used in other systems, but bring your own air...can't use theirs!
6. No anchoring towers in other systems

Now some of these I can understand. People pay rent, some of it huge, to rent a system, and the sites in them should be for them, however if I pop next door and mine one of the 20 belts, I am not depleting their resources but I am increasing their system mining index.... They should thank me!
Also Scanning for wormholes should be allowed, they are a content generator and a transport link.

Mine is however not to reason why, and I will live by the rules.

Having jumped out in a Prospect, I unloaded the 96 BPC's and two dozen modules that I fitted in the hold, refit the low slots for mining and headed out.

Not many belts in the home system so warp to one and take a look. Usual Caldari space mix. Nothing high end, just the mix you would see in any low sec belt.  Hemorphite being the best ore on show. Quick check of the other systems and all appear the same. Null sec but not deep null sec. The high end ores would have to wait for a belt to spawn, bit like high sec.
Talking to other members of the corp, there is an organised mining trip to one system once every 3-4 days. This then ups the index enough to spawn one or two belts, thus the good ore.
The rest of the time seems to be spent ratting, mining or ship spinning

I quickly had mined enough to build myself some station vault containers and 2 dozen secure cargo containers, an Algos and a Venture. Added a Kryos and Miasmos as well in case I needed to transport ore/minerals.
Station Vault containers to me are a necessary luxury. - These massive containers allow you to sort all your stuff and keep your main hanger relatively clear.
I went for 5:-
1. Ammo and Drones
2. BP's
3. Sale Bin
4. Meta 4 plus
5. Useful Stuff

Ore and minerals are the only things regularly in  the main Hanger. Ammo and Drones is self explanatory as is BP's. Meta 4 plus is where any tech 2 or meta 4 plus items go. These I normally hang onto for a few weeks. Useful Stuff is storage for any parts that will fit on any of my ships. For example I have a 20 run frigate bpc here, so 1MN afterburners and microwarp drives, and medium shield mods end up here along with any weapon systems that will fit. I will have to import some stuff, like webs, but it ends up cheaper as some is loot. The sale bin, is everything else and I will export back to Jita on a weekly basis to sell.

The small secure containers are far more paranoid.
You should have, in the first hour or two made a couple of personal safe spots in system. Now go and make a couple more, as far out as you can. Take and anchor as many secure containers as you can here. This is your back up stash. Each set should have a mobile depot, cargo expander II's and warp core stabs. I also add probe launcher and sisters core probes. You then can store anything very valuable safely. In case you had not noticed, secure cargo containers cannot be probed down, and so as long as you do not sit there afk or drop a depot there, they are totally safe. If the station gets flipped or you are booted from corp and locked out then some stuff can be salvaged.



  1. Good read! Keep it up :)

  2. Many thanks for leaving a comment..
    I now have proof at least somebody reads this....

  3. Useful thanks, my corp is moving to null