Friday, January 9, 2015


Now for John.

Things are on the move. Corp has been told that a brief stint in Null is on the cards in the not too distant future. Almost like a deployment to help some people fight.

So John seems to have a small mountain of salvage hanging around, but not much isk. So a run to a market to sell it all seems to be in order.

Jita is only 18 jumps, only 2 in low, so pick a frigate, load up what eve says is 180 million of salvage in the hold and toddle off. What can go wrong.

A basic Atron frigate is often my preferred travel method to this nice calm holiday system. Jump into Ostingle as the last Low system, and warp to high and jump. Small gate camp on the gate but no smart bombers so all's cool.
I have a debate with myself over auto pilot, can make a nice cup of tea while waiting.... and decide not to.
I hit no issues, jump into a freighter gank in Udema, nothing new, but probably the best time as the hoardes of vultures are either pretty blue triangles or concentrating on doing the same to someone else...
And on into Jita.

I am quite happy that I had been playing Eve for well over a year before I went to see it.

Not been shot there yet but the grief of 2000 people in one system is not good.
I hide Local - anything said there is by and large a scam trying to separate you from your ISK.

The shear repetitiveness of some of the adverts leads me to believe that a large number of people are
1. Either macro controlled and not there.
2. Have a small child that they pay in sweets to do the repetitive cut and paste
3. Have a very high boredom / low intelligence level
4. Terminally Stupid

If you look at the history a huge amount of them are less than a week old. They all seem to have billions of ISK that they want to give away though.

Jumping in, the usual crowd of about 30 gate scum were hanging around. As no war dec's, and not in a freighter, Industrial or high end ratting ship, no one I suspect, even scanned me. No one worries an Atron where there are other juicy targets.

I feel that you are safe moving high value small mass stuff in a basic frigate than elsewhere. Saying that not on auto pilot.

Straight for buy orders, as I have not tried the trading aspect of the game, I was surprised that it all sold for only about a million less than the cargo hold estimated.

So I painted a big bulls eye on the Atron, bought 1 tritanium, put it in a cargo canister  and then contracted that via Hardly Athletic to John to ferry back...

I then un docked, waited about 60 seconds and auto piloted back.

NOT ONE person shot me.... I was hoping for one of the happy campers to scan me, see all the wrapping and gank me. The kill mail would have been hilarious, a unfitted (well basic gattling gun) 400 k Atron for a  gank ship worth millions to Concord, and me if I was quick enough with the gattling gun....

Ostingle on the way back almost had me. Jumped in to 11 yellow flashy ships, 9 Logi and two of those new tech 3 destroyers... Thankfully all too far to point before I warped...

Anyway. unless you really have to, its just nicer to shop elsewhere.


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