Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back Shooting Red Crosses

Oliver wanted to get several combat anomalies under his belt in null sec. I can cheerfully announce that he has....

Below are the ones ratted so far

Rally Point
Forsaken Rally Point
Forsaken Hub

Now the fit I linked in a previous post for the Vexor Navy Issue is what I have used. All of the above are easily achievable if you pay attention.

In Guristas space 90% of the damage is kinetic so it makes sense to tank this way. The attention is required because every so often some rats spawn that do Thermal.. My thermal tank is basically rubbish. Now these generally have
Inferno or Mortifier
at the end of their name. Eraser also is dangerous.
When these spawn need to encourage your drones to kill these first. The first time I encountered them I was watching but leaving drones to their own devices, and the drones were busy killing the battleships while there smaller brethren were putting me down to 25% shield before I re targeted.

The other reason is that one site refused to target my ships and shot my drones. All of them, every time. Every wave.  Even recalling and sending others out etc lost me a Caldari Navy Wasp and a couple of Hammerheads, and both Gecko's heavily into armour.
Not an amused care bear.
If I had go to make a cup of tea then no drones and probably no ship when I came back.

Due to the above I have not ratted AFK and now am not going to....
Also the amount of red visitors to system seems to be increasing and the chances of getting killed if not paying attention are reasonable.

I have not as yet tried any of the Hidden or Forlorn sites, mainly as I have not read up on them and someone helpfully told me that they are full of cruisers and smaller and kill your drones en mass.

Now ISK....

Rally Point - 3 to 6 Million plus salvage averaging 1-2 Million Jita price. Have done 4.

Forsaken Rally Point - 12 - 16 Million plus salvage 3-4 Million Jita price. Have done 4 as well.

Port - aprox 8 million and 4 million salvage both times I have tried

Forsaken Hub - 19 - 23 Million plus 4-5 million salvage, have done 3.

So 13 anomalies.
Never had a Dread Guristas spawn. Apparently not frequent, but I have no idea. Anyone know how often they turn up?
Not had an escalation either. However If I did I suspect my VNI would not be up to it.

Not sold the salvage as yet but approximately 170 million in rat income. Estimate that salvage will be another 50 million, as keeping some useful bits.

Rally Points and Ports take me about 15-20 mins to kill and salvage, Forsaken Rally Points about 40 mins and Forsaken Hubs about the same.

So for pure ISK to time, stick to Forsaken Hubs

However. I intend to do all from the Dens upwards just to see.

I have paid for my ship, can afford another, so why not experiment.

Plan to try and do one a day. If I have time a larger or an untried one. If I need to be quick a Rally Point or Port depending on whats spawned.

Choices Skill wise.
1. Stick with VNI and  Improve drone skills ( Heavy Drones V, Drone Interfacing V, Drone Navigation IV and V plus a few small ones)  about 60 days

2. Gallente Cruiser V 19 days

3. Train for Ishtar 60 days (including 2 and HAC to V)

Ideally all of them, taking about 90 days. But what to do first....

So that's 3 plex as would wish to continue Johns training.... Maybe it will be done by summer, Christmas plus Children = no cash for plex.....

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