Wednesday, October 8, 2014

High Sec PI

That Character I had in the old Wormhole, well, courtesy of a local Clone Vat is now 5 systems from Dodixie. Skill queue is paused, but does have 3's in all the PI skills.

So I know going into it that its not as good as Wormhole PI, but its still a revenue generator. So I look around.

PI in High Sec, and indeed Low Sec is more complicated. All the customs offices are taken and belong to corps charging up to 30% tax. I spent an hour and a half touring all systems within 5 jumps of Dodixe, and found the average was around 18-20%. Some systems had a few at 12% tax but others in system were in the high 20's.
Now I am basically lazy. I want to log in to this one every 3-4 days, run to Dodixe, sell and run back. 15 to 20 mins max. So I am looking for all planets in one system that are reasonable. On top of this tax, you also pay a % to concord, I believe another 10%, but this can be reduced by training a skill.

Currently he can use a maximum of 4 planets and so set up on an Ice, Lava, Barren and Storm planet. each one has a single extractor with 10 heads, a launch pad, a storage and 3 basic processors.
Raw materials go to storage, pulled into processors and output sent to launch pad to wait for pick up.
The basic head mining rate is about 40-50 for a 1 day period, compared with about 150 in the wormhole for the same skills.

Three days later I log in collect the Epithal I have just bought and zip around the planets, collect the product and nip to Dodixie and sell. Again lazy and sell to buy orders.
Out of Interest 4 products, 8 lots of tax, 4 to concord and 4 to customs office owners. total paid 1.316 million.
Selling in Dodixe to buy orders 11.581 million.
Sales taxes in Dodixie are 130,000
So Profit before expenses (Build cost, time etc) roughly 10.1 million for 3 days or a bit over 800,000 per planet per day.

So if all goes to plan in the region of 100 million a month.

This is not brilliant but 3 fitted assault frigates a month for half an hour or so a week is a fair swap.

Its taken me a week to get back to this draft. In that week I have trained Planetology and advanced planetology to 4 and 3 respectively.
Now I have noticed that better quality resources pop up the higher you train. Fair enough. But I plonked my extractor heads on the largest dull white areas I could find. I expected the good areas to get better and maybe more good areas crop up as skills improve.
However, yes new white areas have cropped up. All out of range of extractor head, however the white areas I was on have disappeared and the yield seems to have dropped slightly if anything.

Moral of that story is to train the Planetology and advanced planetology to the point that you are happy before you settle planets.

Meanwhile I have been playing skill queue online all week as RL is busy.


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