Friday, June 30, 2017

Missed a Citadel Kill because I'm Stupid

Log on Oliver to reset PI.
I have 45 mins until I have to leave for work. Wife out, Son at school and Daughter with a hangover so the computer is mine! All mine!

As I log on get the message that Citadel anchoring in our C4 static timer is up in 5 mins. friendly 3rd party on the way but need to stop the timer.

So get in a bomber and head off. One corp mate already in hole and on grid so warped in and started on torps.
Had a few solid hits, then my mother phoned... Typical.
Anyway switched off coms.  As I am not female, I obviously cannot multi task.

Then, still talking to my mother, saw a bunch of Gila's on Dscan. Immediately thought of the friendlies then they landed... my corp mate was long gone.
Panic, cloak and warped at random. I think my mother thought that I was not listening. And she was right.

Luckily I had picked a customs office that was on grid 1000k from the citadel

So I could see 5 Gila's and a Slepnir all marked as red.

Back on Team Speak, the friendly fleet were 5 jumps from entry point. A 6th Gila turned up.

There was no logi on either side so it was deemed unlikely that we would be able to take that many Gila's , then a scythe and a Bifrost appeared. Even more pain.

Meanwhile the hostiles were not a defence force but were bashing as well.

So it was deemed that our friendlies would re ship to bombers and try and kill the slepnir at least.

I did not have a bomb launcher, and had already shot the citadel so stayed on over watch.

With about 5% left on citadel bombers warped into a chap tracking their fleet.

There it all went a bit wrong.
A friendly bomber was de-cloaked coming in. Either very bad luck, or more probably forgot to click cloak. It happens. Also, a 8th Gila and an Hurricane had joined the hostiles.

On landing, the  uncloaked bomber found out that the Hurricane was an insta locker and  the first bomber popped without a shot in return. The wreck then de cloaked one of our  stratios. This was also pointed and shot in fairly short order

Several bombs were launched and several torps were launched at citadel. None by me.

The Astrahus exploded.


I then went to sit on the exit hole as our friendlies had forgotten to book mark.

Now I was surprised that I did not get on the Kill.... I had shot it for a couple of minutes at the beginning, and I had stayed on grid and in system.

I have since been told that there is a 15 minute window, and you have to have shot it within 15 mins of explosion to have it registered.

Well you live and lean.

Experience but no kill. And still did not reset the PI....

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