Friday, June 16, 2017

Drone Nests

Just a quickie

Drone Nests.  How bizarre. I like the mechanics that the waves warp in and therefore its an extra few seconds when you are not locking or shooting.
Three waves and then the over mind. I have seen a Primus, Secondus and Tertius.

Randomly a swarm of aphids appear.

I started doing these in a Gila, but when I realised that there was almost no dps incoming have run them in a frigate to see what happens.


Skins. Every one drops one of 4 types of skin.
Plex. 1 new plex can and does drop
Accelerator +10 to all attributes. This seems to be very random.
Drone Parts. Occasional bits for drones.

Two characters have been doing this. Total of 34 sites between them thus far.

Both High sec. 1 in a static island location. 1 from a wormhole going to different hi sec systems Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

From the WH I have had skins of all four types but no other drops. This was 11 sites. Competition is fierce, but people have learnt to not take the bait. With Oliver in a Gila I have been stealing sites when ever possible. No fights and no loot other than a selection of skins.

With my industrial toon on an island, 24 sites and 7 have dropped accelerator or 1 new Plex.
Competition is still in evidence but I have been playing nice and if someone is running the site, I warp off. This location only appears to be dropping two types of skin, and with in the region of 200 skins to collect I have 6 duplicates from 34 sites...

Once everyone gets the 6-12 (Train Biology skill) accelerators that they need personally, farming of them will slow down. The skins will be common, the accelerators worth increasingly less as expiry date looms and 1 new plex is not enough to shoot millions of drones with no risk from the NPCs.

The ridiculous worth of the skins on kill mails does however make some ludicrous kill mails. It also gets the newbies hopes up.
One asking in corp earlier if he would be able to sell an avatar skin for its estimated worth. He was quite hopeful.

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