Friday, June 16, 2017

High Sec Wars

This post is largely irrelevant to people in Null Sec, Worm Holes and a lot of Low Sec.

Also this is my own mutterings and ramblings and should be treated as such.

 Null Sec Dwellers rarely go to high sec, with the exceptions of Jump Freighter pilots.
Worm Hole corps largely do not care about High sec nor get wars declared on them.
Low Sec people often cannot enter High Sec anyway.

Right that's the preconceptions stated and half the readers annoyed. I know both of you will mail be and say you regularly visit and or are always at war.

Having lived in all three areas, in Null there was often war declared, then you used out of alliance alts or ignored them and stayed in null. In Worm Holes over the last year, have been in one war, and then it was considered fun if the entrance was near a hub, to stick a bait neuroses or procurer out and hide in the hole. Never killed any targets but some clearly needed underwear changes after they finished running. In low sec, only one member had a security status high enough to get into high sec, so they were ignored.

Declared War is the only way for a corp to shoot another corp ships or structures without the intervention of Concord.
The original idea was probably pure and intended for content or just the figment of an over eager Dev team.

What we have ended up with is imperfect, and like Marmite (The spread not the corp). You either Love it or Hate it (OK! like the corp as well!). Like all things in Eve it has been twisted and turned and could do with an overhaul.

The idea is simple. Corp A annoys Corp B by mining their rocks or breathing. Neither can shoot unless a dual is accepted. So Corp B pays lots of lovely ISk to Concord to be able to shoot Corp A freely for a week. From the declaration there are 24 hours until shooting is legal. A notification is sent to each member. This is not a mail however and does not get picked up by third party tools, so you are reliant on logging in and checking as the icon does not even blink. This gives the targets time to re locate, pull down citadels or POS towers jump corp or log off for a week.

Then once one corp has had their fun or run away it can be called off or the seven days are up and rock mining can be started again.

It has however become a profession. Declare war on 20 corps (or more) and hang around trade hubs with shiny ships and see what lands on gate. Then shoot them, scoop the loot and start over.

Major Null sec groups, and other groups also get war declared on them, mainly because they have to haul loot and moon goo to a trade hub to maximise the ISK return. The War initiators hope to kill these and steal it all. Same on WH groups. Most income is PI or Blue loot, so has to be hauled.

There are other groups that will actively look for their targets outside trade hubs, and will go to high sec islands and harass poor innocent miners....

Its a fact that a large number of professional war deckers have T3 Cruisers or faction cruisers and their targets are largely haulers and miners. Or mission runners.

They do provide a necessary service though. They keep Eve hard. There is never anywhere that is 100% safe and these people and gankers are Eve's way of highlighting this.

In my humble opinion though several changes need to be made. No neutral Logistical ships that cannot be shot first. If you want to aid in a war, you should be part of that war take the risks along with everyone else.
Second is structures. This is more difficult. A war dec corp will usually have no corp assets that can be shot. the target will often have some.  An imperfect suggestion is that a corp declaring war must have the same number of structures at the start of the war as the target in order to shoot them. For example. Corp A has 2 citadels and a POS. So Three. Corp B declaring war has none. Then Corp A's structures are not part of the war. However if corp B had 2 structures then 2 of Corp A's would be eligible to be shot. This would be tested at the start of the war and the time of shooting.
This single change would however make structures safer as the war dec corps will never put them up.

What starts wars. Often nothing beyond a corp member visiting a trade hub in a shiny ship, or being cargo scanned with large amounts of loot.  There are people out there with spread sheets monitoring juicy targets.And on the basis that you do it once and you will do it again then you are marked.

However when it starts what to do.

As ever there are choices. With many wars, staying in your local area and avoiding trade hubs is all that's needed to get through safely.

Other options:-
1. Drop corp to an NPC corp for the duration and carry on.
2. Carry on but limit your exposure, do not use the Hulk when you can mine in a procurer or prospect.
3. Log off for a week.
4. Fight back. However, be aware that unless your corp is very good you will usually die.

What NOT to do.
1. Visit Trade hubs. Regardless of why.
2. AFK anything.
3. Mine or Rat and not watch local.
4. Haul that Keepstar blueprint you just bought...

If you are lucky it will only last a week. If however you have provided them content that is risk free to them then be prepared for a long war. anything over two weeks will often kill a high sec small corp and people will not play the game to station spin for weeks and do nothing. They will drop corp and go.

That's the third change. A limit on wars, so that you can only declare war on a corp for 2 weeks. This will cause a lot of corp hopping but on the attackers side.

Just my thoughts really.

Comments and abuse gratefully accepted as always.

o/ and fly safe.

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