Friday, June 30, 2017

Short and pointless post on Mining

In Short: shot some rocks. Nothing happened.

I did a spot of mining last night. Not normally that into it except as a background activity on the spare screen.

This time I was paying attention. This time it was in a small fleet of 6 with a porpoise giving boosts.

Now my normal High Sec ship of choice is the Mackinaw.
Half decent tank, especially with a Damage control and tank rigs.
35k Ore hold after skills
1400 ish m3 output per tech 2 strip miner with tech 2 crystals every 149 seconds.

With boosts that went down to 110 seconds. Mining drones also were getting 1m3 each per second, which for 5 is about half that of a strip miner.

Anyway I was paying attention as it was sort of a mini corp meeting to bring up to speed some people. Mined for 2 hours in the end and got probably twice what I do when doing it solo and tabbing back to do something else with another character. No lag when an asteroid is exhausted, just a switch of targets, speeds up no end.

I was mining Veldspar, Scordite and Kernite only but still had 5 trips to unload so 175k m3 of ore.

Now I have to refine and use it all.

Its worth maxing out skills if you are going to do this. May have to
It is dull unless you are chatting to others.

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