Friday, June 23, 2017

Null Sec Surprises

The lure of Null sec is many faceted.

For some its the ability to print ISK by ratting. Others Exploration and others Mining. Some even enjoy the wack a rabbit game that is Sov conquest. So I am told.

Whatever the lure is, its true that everyone has their first time.

Many of these are short and many painful to either the pride or the pocket.

The corp I am in has a large number of new pilots. Of the 30 warm bodies we think 20 have never been to Null and 12 are new to eve.

When i found this out it made me both sad and impressed.

Sad, as to be honest I do not expect all 12 to stick out past their first big loss, but impressed that a number want to try Null.

What makes it easier is that now part of an alliance, we have war with Marmite and Vendetta Mercenary group. This narrows down who we are to only about 60% of eve.

Sadly, despite mails and messages in corp channel some are still surprised that they cannot be in Jita without being comprehensively shot. Others have got the idea that you cannot beat them, and so are happy to try Null where at least you have a chance of fighting back.

Don't get me wrong there are still some massive issues with information. Some of the new blood have no idea, and others assuming they are alts of more experienced players expect them to know.

For example, one lost a VNI to a neut while ratting. The first anyone heard was a message in alliance along the lines of
"I am under attack in belt V. need help."
Closely followed by
"Don't bother I'm dead"

The person in question was raging about the lack of help via corp chat.

The issues were.
1. He was not in a fleet. There was a standing one up.
2. He was not on comms. Had not installed it even
3. He did not see 1 or 2 as an issue.

I and the corp CEO and 7-8 alliance were in system. Personally I was fitting ships so was not paying attention to chat channels, and on comms most were doing something similar.

IF he had installed Team Speak and signed on to it. A brief, help I am tackled message would have got 3-5 people responding and at least undocking. Being in the fleet would also let us warp direct to him without mucking around debating which of the 20 odd belts (yes belt ratting) was the right one.
When asked how he was found, he did say that he saw combat probes on D-scan.

That there gave me hope, because he was doing something right. 10 out of 10 for use but minus several million for bothering to do something about it.

If You are reading this and belt or site ratting somewhere that does not have to be scanned down then:-
1. Be on Voice Comms in whatever channel most of people in system are in.
2. Be in the standing fleet. If there is not one make it. Do not say "Didn't know how" google it.
3. Anyone not in your corp/alliance enters system, the minimum you do is align to a safe spot.
4. If you are in something far too shiny then warp to the sun at zero. They will never look there. Honest.
5. If you spot combat probes, a citadel or station is your friend warp, hope no bubble and hide.
6. If you do get tackled through agro from your better half and or sproglings  or sheer bad luck, then say so on coms. Correct would be
"Break Break. Idiot 1 here, tackled by a punisher at 5k site BRG-"

Now substitute your name for Idiot1 and the ship that's got you for the Punisher and the site code/ belt number for BRG.

For good measure put an X in fleet and say X'd up in fleet

Help then knows what to expect, where you are, and exactly where to warp to to get the bad guy.

If you type help me under attack in alliance chat, by the time anyone notices, figures out where you are, gets conformation that they are not warping into multiple black ops battle ships and gets to you the bad guys have podded you, violated your corpse and are 2 systems away.

Do not be that guy.


  1. As a wh guy, I will check sun every so often. Your new pilots needs to warp at citadel/station or make a couple safes he can allign and warp if needed. To mash D and check that overpowered tool you guys have (local) is also relevant.
    Nou Mene

  2. Point 4 Was Sarcasm I am afraid.
    The sun should be avoided. Warp at range o a random customs office. Anyone looking will assume the planet and try there.

    Thanks for reading though. I agree local is OP.