Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mexallon, Mexallon my kingdom for Mexallon

Well My industry character is currently in Great Wildlands. And they are a bit wild.

Engineering complexes litter a fair few systems, and there are only a handful of stations.

Now I relocate to a system that's been pointed out to me as one to mine and build in. 3 Engineering complexes are up with facilities to build anything between them.

Now I usually relocate initially with a prospect, a handful of BP's and the intention to build a few bits and get the lie of the land before moving more in.

I, in my pack will have station Vault containers, a procurer, strip miners, mining drones and one or two useful bits as BPC's.

Where I am, the reprocessing is in one citadel and the building in the others. This adds a certain amount of grief, but it can be fine

So I landed, dropped the blue prints in a citadel, warped to a belt and started to mine for the basics. I needed Tritanium , Pyrexite and Mexallon for the containers. They are always the first thing I build.

So massive Scordite was my first goal as that kills the first two. Mexallon though... I warped to every belt to be sure but not one had a mexallon based rock.

I assumed at this point a massive fleet had dropped in and mined it all as it is required for all sorts. Then I  thought, No.

So I asked the question in local, what do you guys do for Mexallon?

It turns out that they rat the belts, loot the wrecks and re process all the stuff for the minerals.

Well I nearly fell off my chair.

NPC null so no surplus of combat sites or ore anomalies.

I then flew a combat ship up and ratted all the belts. gave me enough stuff reprocessed to build 5 containers.

I am going to re think the location I feel.

I noticed a capital ships module in one complex I passed. How without mining?

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