Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An Alt in High Sec

After a period of time failing to log on due to real life intruding on the world of Eve I am back.

I have Two accounts now, the main still has John and Oliver. The second has two maxed out in PI skills that follow John and Oliver around attempting to make some ISK. The third Character is a primary Industry and Transport one. This is not to say he cannot fly both an Ishtar and Gila well, as all those good complexes that ccp put in for holidays have to be farmed somehow.

Recently I have been playing the Industry character more, as I can often walk away from the keyboard to help with homework or cook or other chores. There are also no CTA's (Call To Arms) or strategic ops to get in trouble for missing.

Now This character is not organised. He has Jump Clones on Three High Sec Islands and a set up in each area.
In Placid he has PI and is Making an Astrahus from the ground up. (Reminder, still need the citadel bpc).
In Devoid I am not really sure what he is up to. The plan was to build a carrier, but was side tracked by running cosmic anomalies. Lots of shiny expensive drops from level 3 and 4 sites.
In Derelick he is building a Freighter. If I get ambitious then a Jump Freighter, but that is a lot of hauling of moon goo and other stuff.

Up to last week he was in his own corp (done early when fed up with 10% tax to npc corp.).

Last week though he was persuaded to join a high sec mining corp.

No they may well be reading this so....

They are set up on a High Sec Island, its small and surrounded by low sec. They were at war when I joined but it was a typical trade hub band that would never risk their nice shiny gank ships.

The corp itself is run by a fairly experienced chap who simply wanted to run his own corp. Now he has organised a citadel, and has a fairly extensive BPO collection (note to gankers - not in citadel) and had about 10-15 real people plus alts. (to be fair these are just the ones I see, there look to be more in the deep USA time zones.)
However, probably only 5 ish of those have more than 6 months eve experience, and there are several Alpha clones and 3-4 that are new omega clones. This is an interesting dynamic and he probably thinks that cat herding would be easier sometimes.

I am all for new blood and gave a number of items littering my hanger away to both the CEO and one new omega clone now has a prospect that he probably needs to train for...

Now the kill board for the corp is rather snuggly with 3 kills and 72 losses at last count.

Since I have joined I have tried to answer the basic questions and provide some insight. Obviously 1 person (You know who you are) did not finish the tutorial, as I had to point out how to open the probe window, and indeed what all those combat sites actually were... There is more than mining!

The corp is going in the right direction though and some of the new blood will stay and grow with the corp. Others will go elsewhere, but thats Eve and is only right.

Only  Stay in a Corp while its enjoyable!

Life is fluid and there is much to see.

Our dear leader has sort of the right idea though, he has built from corp funds a clutch of Tristans and Vexors, fitted them out (with tech 1 stuff he built) and is handing them out for people to try sites and hopefully PvP.

Corp Mates. If you are reading this, then I am building Punishers and Thrashers, and will provide them fitted, IF and only IF you can prove you can fly it. Fittings dependent on current War Dec as they are competent and not worried about low sec.

Sample fit to train for

Small Trimark Armour pump 1 x3

400mm Rolled Tungsten Plates
400mm Steel Plates II
Damage Controll II
Energised Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Adaptive Nano Plating II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
J5b Enduring Warp Scram

150mm Light Auto Cannon II x4
Hail ammo

Now this little beast is not an all rounder and a kite ship will still peck you to death. But probably very slowly.  Any kite frigate will run out of ammo or get bored first. It has around 19k ehp (depending on skills) and can easily take gate or station guns in low sec for 30-40 seconds (42 was the longest -  but someone else was shooting me as well).


Small Targeting System Sub controller x3

Gyrostabaliser II
Tracking Enhancer II

Warp Disrupter II
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster x 2 (Scan Res Script)

280mm Howitzer Artillery II x 7
Repuplic Fleet EMP or Quake ammo

This one is more of a glass cannon, The alpha damage is huge at 17-1800 for the initial volley but works out to around the 250 mark. You do however get 1 and a half free shots before the others have locked you when fighting un boosted smaller ships. This will obviously die if used on station or gate in low sec, but in numbers can kill lots of stuff.

I have some skill books for the above, so if you need one mail me.

Next installment is a word on War Decs.

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