Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Long Time No Writre

Well, what can I say. Real Life seemed to be anti writing....

I would work rest and play, but when it came to putting finger to keyboard to write it came out all wrong.

Quick update

John Still in Space Mutts

Oliver in a Wormhole as part of a larger group,

Mutts have moved out of Drone space a long while ago. I believe that there was a disagreement at higher levels, but out exit was controlled and not rushed so I expect no ego's bruised.

So back to Low Sec, and Oulley in the Placid region.

We hung around there on our own basically shooting most people that wandered in in the hope of surprising them. Several weeks later we joined an alliance called Seperatists.

This was an interesting mix of people. On the plus side there were no rules. No CTA's and no expectations to hang around three hours while a fleet formed.

so daily life was either missions, combat anoms, data/relic sites, gate camping or small roams if you felt like joining.

Caldari Faction Warfare was next door and Gallente next door but one. So if you fancied small gang or solo pvp you could with ease.

This suited many Mutts as we could all do anything without anyone frowning.

Did hit security status though. Within a week or so most of us could no longer enter hi sec freely.

We then had a couple of internal bust ups with 3-4 long term members leaving and going elsewhere.

This was unfortunately a personality clash and several people went different ways.

I have to admit, at this point I put Oliver into a Wormhole corp to get away from it all.

I signed onto John to do PI which was my only method of revenue generation.

Recently however Mutts kissed and made up with all but two of the ex members and started recruiting.
We told Seperatists that we were once again off to null and started paying a small fortune to elevate  our sec status so that we could get stuff to a staging post.

And then off to Deklin

I wrote all this in June 2016. How times fly by.

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