Wednesday, July 5, 2017

To Orca or not

Well my industrial character finally finished building a Freighter. I am the owner of a shiny new Obelisk. Well will be in 1 day.

I will have to hunt down a hi sec WH  as no way would I pilot it back through 4 low sec gates.

I will of course triple bulkhead fit it, as I have no intention of making it easy for those nasty gankers.

I have been reliably informed that in a 0.5 system a triple Bulkhead fit will pop with

30 Catalysts or
23 Bombers or
14 Talos

Now I suspect there is a bit of leeway to do with overheating and ammo and what type of hits you get.
I also suspect that if CODE are involved and Polarised Weapons it will be less.

However, with those numbers, unless its done for tears, carry less than a billion, maybe a billion and a half and your economically not worth it.

I would welcome input from anyone who does this regularly.

I suspect it would also be safest to drop corp and join an NPC one to actually fly it. War decs make flying freighters in a corp effective suicide.

Anyway gone a bit off topic. I had an Orca BPC pack laying around so I thought why not.

I have started to build the components and have about a third built. But what to do with it?

Mining wise I suspect it pulls in less than a Mackinaw, the Orca relying on the drones only. OK,  the drones are heavily boosted, but its still less.
The Orca has a 100% hull bonus and up o 50% bonus for industrial command skill for drone mining, so in reality 130-140 max.

Not sure how they stack, but current T2 drones mine 68m3 each per 60 seconds

If they stack how I hope, that will up the output to about 180m3. That's better than 2 tech 2 strip miners but not the same as a Mackinaw and drones.

Again, if anyone has the numbers for Orca mining with tech 2 drones and ship skills at 3 or 4 please let me know.

I assume I would at least try it.
I could also provide boosts to other miners, if I feel in the mood.

Options are:-
1. Keep as a mining ship
2. Keep as a hanger ornament that sees a sun occasionally.
3. Sell it - about 750million ish at current prices.
4. ?

Fly safe

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