Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last Note on Ganking Miners

Tips for the miner in a 0.5 to 0.7 system

1. Pay attention to Local
2. Dscan, especially after someone has just entered local
3. Include Combat Probes and Ships only on your Dscan results. The rest is just clutter
4. Use a Procurer
5. Fit some tank, even if its Thermal and EM resist rigs, they may make the difference.
6. If its your life savings in one ship, leave it in dock and see point 4.
7. If anyone you do not recognise warps to your belt, go elsewhere, and see if they follow. If they do   then Dock up.
8.Orbit the nasty evil rock that you are attacking at a medium range if you can, or drop a can and orbit that. A moving target makes life more difficult for the ganker.
9. Anything that makes life difficult for the ganker is good for your survival chances.
10. Have a disposable alt. Fly it to your ship and attempt to gank yourself. CONCORD will arrive, late as ever and kill your alt. They will then hang around the belt. This drastically reduces their response time and effectively means that that belt is a gank free zone. Any ganker will be virtually insta popped by concord. AFK mining for the rest of your session is possible.

If you cannot do the above stick to 0.8 and above systems.

I learnt a lot on my brief foray into the dark world of CODE representatives....

Chiefly not to bother with 0.8 and above, 0.7 was iffy and it takes more people to kill the same sort of target and the failure rate is higher.
0.6 or 0.5, if not mining in a venture or procurer and AFK you are going to die at some point, so insure your ship.

Huddling together is still not safe, except when faced by idiots like me who pick the target different from the rest.

Mining in low or null sec is usually in a procurer, in safer systems the odd skiff or mackinaw come out, but they regularly get shot. However a group of miners with five light drones each can often kill the tackle that wants to pin them down, not so in high sec. Not without losing your barge to concord.

Tips for the Ganker

1. Miners are creatures of habit, find a bunch or 0.5 and 0.6 systems in close proximity and get to know then.
2. You need an alt if solo ganking, if in an organised group, a dedicated scout is good.
3. Make the scout cloaky with a decent cargo hold.
4. Know your limits. A solo catalyst can take a Retriever in 0.5 and a poorly fit one in 0.6. Can do the same to a covetor.
5. Do not try the other barges solo.
6. Have some method of fixing your security status, as even if you do not pod people you will be an outlaw within the week.
7. Be aware of your kill rights and do not fly that hauler with all your loot in it where some ganker is going to kill you. Nasty people gankers...
8. Expect to die. Every time. Do not worry about this.
9. Include concord on your overview, Check they are not there before you start. (Scouts job really)
10. Alt should Always pick up the loot, the catalyst drops first as they are blue to anyone then the targets loot.
11. Alt should go and cloak / dock somewhere to wait out your timer before you drop off loot.
12. Consider a Prospect for the loot scooper / scout. You are killing miners, it would be rude not to be able to scoop the ore as well. And they have a covert cloak.
13. Have fun and make things go bang.
14. If the miner survives, be nice an congratulate him on tanking, moving, whatever. Its good manners and to be honest, why not.

Have fun on both sides.


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