Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm back

Well sort of

My eve time has been drastically reduced this year and access to Eve related sites banned altogether by work.
Now this is quite right from the work point of view and something had to give, and it was this.

But I am now in a position that I have a free lunch hour once or twice a week with access to here, and so I march on.

So to recap

Two accounts, 6 toons in total
1. Jita market alt. Never moves.
2. Rens Market alt, also not moved since April
3. High sec Miner - mining to build a Freighter
4. 2 month old toon in null sec, mining high end ores to ship back to 3.
5. Oliver - Still in Vale of the Silent - still not getting time to log in beyond once a week PI
6. John - Current Resident of Scalding Pass. Main one I play.

I have the option to have John Online and one of 2,3 or 4 at the same time

Still with Space Mutts, now a Null sec corp holding Sov in 7 systems as one of the founding two corps of the Alliance Dramatic Exit (DEX).

I will give a brief potted history, but future posts may contain stories from the last 6 months.

March time, the corp moved to Derelik, and everyone was asked to mine as much as possible. We had eyes on a section of sov space in Scalding Pass, and while we were waiting for various logistics we were going to build a station. thus mining.

This time was reasonably dull and lasted only a couple of weeks.

A handy wormhole was found, and we as a corp set us some base POS in NSBE-L and U6K-RG in Scalding pass.
The alliance objective was to take the constellation and anchor a station.

Now at the time the constellation was held by a mix of Guardians, Feign and Huns Reloaded.
None of which appeared to live there

SD4A-2 was the first to fall on the 10th March. Structure bashing being slightly less fun than watching paint dry.
We had all come in via wormhole in Ishtars with a freighter for the POS, so we would structure grind and rat the days away.

For many it was the first time living out of a POS. One or two interesting thefts in other corps took place, and you would occasionally jump into a scanning ship and find no probes or into the ishtar and find different or no drones...
The wise would move the probes and drones into one boat and log off in it.

Slowly over next four weeks took all the sov and killed most of the POS in the systems.

We had a setback or two, and at one point lost most of the caps we owned in one go,

Then a Station appeared in F2-NXA and all was good.

PL, were however around, and turned up 3-4 days later in more supers than we has sub caps and reinforced the station.
No one was very impressed. Our leadership got on to theirs, and a deal was done.

Since that point Fozziesov  hit, and the whole of scalding pass was fighting.

We spent two weeks either fighting people trying to Entosis our space or going to be a third party else where and seeing what we could kill.

I think, due to work and a lot of the action being in the US time zone, I went out on 2 fleets, and formed up to defend most days. my first time in a ship with an entosis link was a disaster. No one had told me it uses strontium, and I had none with me...

I ended up dying a few times and killing a few things

Since Two Inch Terror were exterminated from Scalding pass its calmed down a lot now. It seems that everyone here has about the right size of space that they want, and we all hate the Entosis links and node captures with a passion... So by and large its rare to see it happening.

DEX have been upgrading their systems, and fighting a losing battle against stupidity.

Stupidity in that we seem to have attracted a couple of corps that want to do little but mine, No issue, but they mine or rat in expensive ships AFK. There is not a day that goes past without them losing several ships. Now the first corp, Skyhammer, was kicked and went to join Mad Associates. Now Mad were not part of DEX but moved into our space as blues until they claimed their own. They were quite good.

Anyway, Still one corp in alliance with silly losses, which attracts hot droppers and roving bands.

Now Roving bands are fine, as we like to try and catch them and kill as many as possible. Cloaky hot droppers are a pain though.

We even had Isogen 5 open a hole into our space, luckily it was a frigate hole, We did manage to put up a fight and killed a Sabre and a Confessor, and would have had a lot more if they did not have hole control, and jump back when they were hitting armour or structure.
They kept coming though, and had a real advantage in numbers, and definitely won the Isk war as we lost a Vexor, Maulus and a Typhoon. Hopefully we put up enough of a fight to go down in their records as not care bears.

Now we mine, we rat, we do sites and we form up far too often to try and kill intruders...

Space Mutts are the best corp that I have found. Mix of EU and US time zones, and all good for a laugh.



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