Friday, September 11, 2015

Ganking Update

In short not good.

Tried a Retriever in 0.6 space.. Only got him to one third structure before concord came and killed me. I think a 0.5 will work.

Teamed up with two other corp mates and killed a Retriever elsewhere.

Overkill on a Retriever

and one of the others took his pod as well.

Then the three of us tried for a Mackinaw that was in a belt with an Orca.

Needless to say this one failed as well as a particularly inept pilot, (Me) locked up the Orca instead of the Mackinaw and thus took one third of the DPS off the table for about half the time we had.

It really is annoying having the order of ships in the overview change while ganking...

I have improved on the last post though as:
1. I remembered to overheat the guns every time
2. Had an alt provide a warp in. Mining ships are good camouflage....
3. Said alt retrieved the loot.

We are all trolling around High sec now, as we are leaving DEX and looking for a way into another alliance, and just waiting for logistics to move a load of our stuff so we can go back into Null.

Why? Well, The founding Corps of DEX had some real life issues with their CEO's and some directors, and they did not need the hassle of running a corp and an alliance. So a number of people have folded into Mutts and looking for a new home.
We want to be somewhere that actively shoots people, but can shoot those nasty red crosses so that we have the ISK to fund new ships and mods.

Watch this space.....

Or mail us in game if you have a proposition.


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  1. Ganking tip: hold down your 'Control' key as you land on grid. That freezes the order of your overview and allows you to efficiently select your target. This also works when the pod is about to be released - and it goes without saying that you always go for the pod if you are ganking in highsec.