Friday, September 25, 2015

A bit more ganking and move back to Null

What can I say, we were bored.

Put half a dozen pilots that want to shoot something into high sec, and without wanting to start wars then shooting miners and mission runners was the only option.

I spent a couple of days selling all my stuff (That I could) and moving most of the rest.

The two more days joining the others in Placid, Essence, Heimatar, Molden Heath and Metropolis looking for targets.

Many we had, and many were killed.

I personally was only involved in 3 more

A Mackinaw  Dead Miner 1

A Skiff  Dead Miner 2

And a Hulk  Dead Miner 3

Lost 3 catalysts (And a Velator when someone activated a kill right on a gate camp)

so killed 648 Million for loss of 23 million.

As a plus the corp paid for the ships so all loot went back to the corp.

We did find that the miners in certain systems would warp out as soon as our scout decloaked and called for us to jump in and warp.

We adopted a slightly different tactic. Our scout sat in system and combat probed the miners down.

We jump in and scout warps us all to zero on the target. No one even enters the belt prior to landing.

We had one or two issues where we were warped to ships sitting in a POS and one where the team landed just too far away, Here the target was orbiting an asteroid at 10k and was not afk and warped before we caught up.

On the whole though combat probing was a lot quicker than visiting or DScanning every belt.

This harvest of tears was brought short by the news that the corp had joined a new alliance.


We were asked to package anything we wanted to take, convert the rest to isk, contract all stuff to corp to be jumped out and fly out in interceptors.

A bit of a brown trouser moment was had in Hek where I docked to pick up a couple of bits I wanted, I un-docked and warped to the gate. Bearing in mind that I was in a travel fit interceptor, someone still managed to activate one of my kill rights and was beginning to lock me as I WARPED... Ha ha ha.

Being flashy yellow in high sec was actually ok. Instead of actively trying to engage, most ran away. I could not have had an easier run to low sec, looking at kills on the pipe I was going down, multiple gate camps were a distinct probability.

I worked on the assumption that any gate I was heading to, if there was anyone in local, had some fool in a battleship smart bombing.

So remember the golden rule, WARP TO A RANDOM CELESTIAL.

Once there pause and look at map and head to gate from a direction that is not in line from another gate. This may be slower, but its faster than a pod back to high sec, shopping and getting back to where you die.

Then Onward to our staging system in Etherium Reach

Drone space here we come. Asking around, no one had lived in drone space before.

Big Unknown

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