Friday, September 25, 2015

Drone Space

While waiting for jump freighters to ferry in ships, discovered that the local market and contract market is well stocked.

So I bought an Astero. Fitted for probing and off we go.

Goal number 1 was to make insta undocks and safes in all nearby systems, and 2 was to find any High sec wormholes to bring in T2 rigged ships.

Working around a couple of the local constellations, you soon realise that Drone space is slightly less populated than other space, and that 80% of the sigs to scan down turn out to be combat sites.

The others are split between wormholes and data sites. No Relic sites at all.

Drone data sites are also a bit different.

For a start they all have the same name (Well the seven I have found so far do) and all have 3 cans. essentially two easy cans with strength of 40-50 on the blocks and a much harder can with many obstacles in 60+ range of damage.

Now of seven sites, only 1 of the harder cans was NOT empty. 6 duds and one with done parts.
The easy cans have been where all the loot lies. Now this is drone parts and BPC's.

The BPC's I have found so far are Integrated Hobgoblin, Hammerhead or Ogre.
1 can of the 21 dropped an Augmented Hobgoblin and an Augmented Hammerhead BPC.

Now these ae what makes the Drone Data site worth it. An augmented Hammerhead has a buy price in Jita of 11.8 million. The BPC's are 10 runs so 118 million if you make the drones and sell to buy orders in Jita.

Most of the parts except the Elite Drone AI and the Hammerhead II I have through the drops in other data sites. It looks like the local market has those parts that I am missing at a cost of about 2 mill per drone, so even if I buy the parts its still 9.8 mill per unit or 98 million for the full BPC run in Jita.

Transport costs are going to bite into it but not by a lot.

The integrated drones look to be better than Tech 1 drones but not as good as tech 2.

The Augmented though look to be better than tech 2 for several reasons.

Please feel free to correct me.
1. Same total damage but split type. Hobgoblin II's do 20 Thermal as a base with 1.92 damage mod
The augmented does 7 Kinetic and 13 Thermal with a mod of 2.11
2. Slightly faster Orbit
3. Higher resists
4. Higher base Hit points

So in my mind not good for PvE but not bad at all for PvP.

In my mind not worth 12 million a drone though.

I am not sure that I would bother with the integrated BPC's. I will probably end up making and dumping in corp hanger to dish out to newer toons.

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