Friday, September 4, 2015

Recruiting Advert. Please ignore if you are happy with your corp

Space Mutts Want You!

We are recruiting.

PreRequisites to apply:

1. English Speaking
2. Human
3. Must have a sense of humour
4. Must be able to Use Team Speak
5. Willing to undock and fight.
6. Allegedly we also get sweets and cookies, (not seen any yet though)

Now we are not a huge corp and not flush with isk.
So you must also have a way of earning ISK. We will not replace the Ishtar you lose. We may laugh at it but that's it.

Time Zones. Not bothered. If you like solitary activities, then fine, if not we are split between EU and US Time Zones.

If you are relatively new to the game we can teach you how to mine, how to scan down sites, how to rat how to build. We have people that have done it all. You will learn not to listen to their more bizarre claims though!  We also have an industrialist or two that happily make anything and then sell it to you. As your skills increase then you will get more income.

Some of us will happily buy the rocks you kill or teach you how to make your own hulls/mods.

We always need tackle and scouts so even if you are a month old, We can fund throwaway frigates that you can use to roam with. Its a short train to a Destroyer or Interceptor.

Our kill board is below. we don't care about combat losses in PVP ships. These happen and are a part of the game we play. We do care about shiny PVE and mining losses.

You must also be willing to relocate a clone to Null Sec and live there at least 5 days a week. Remember High Sec is only a clone away!

You will need to submit a full API key, understand the Scottish accent and be over 18.

Space Mutts Kill Board

Join in game channel

Space Mutts

to chat and ask questions


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