Monday, March 9, 2015

Troop Reinvigoration Camp

Well now I had come back from a night out and thought I would sign on for half an hour while several pints of water and some paracetamol went to work.
Signed on as Oliver as I have to think about it a bit less, and nipped out to shoot some rats.
With this sort of time to kill I will go for a Rally Point then Hub then Rally Point and finish in 30 mins. If I wish to go to 40  I will salvage all 3.

On the salvage from I have an Algos that is fit for PVP except the highs are a Tractor and the rest salvages and a flight of salvage drones.
Go to the first drop an MTU go to the hub and salvage and loot everything usually takes 3 -4 mins then go pick up the MTU and put it in site 3.
Nip to station and empty hold. Return to 1 where all nicely clustered and go through them with drones and salvagers.
Warp to 3 and do the same on neat clump to ships.

end of first rally point an escalation. Bonus. And not in Germinate. Look at map, 8 jumps away, but jump bridge next door cuts to 3, so off I trot. Just enough fluid in me to neglect to travel fit.

Arrived without seeing anything but a couple of Blues.
Made a safe or two and warped in.

Now then I had been reading the eve wiki page and its good but it does not prepare you for the sheer numbers that you face. its not in waves. They are all sitting there waiting for your warp in.

And they all target the drones! I was not impressed as I neglected them, as I was trying to find a safe orbit, sort and lock up ship types and keep an eye on local. Both my poor drones were dead and the only thing that made me check was the incoming damage spiked sharply.

Still launch a couple more and keep an eye on them. With good drone management you could probably do it without too much lasting damage, but by the time I reached the last stage I had 3 undamaged drones and 3 dead out of 10.
Its the initial onslaught where the drones get whacked in transit on the way in and out to be swapped out.
Lost a forth in the first minute in the last room, but that's it. Incoming dps to my ship was pitiful and except when drones were in, it was all trying to hit them. I was worried that I would have to track back and get spares before I would finish. But finish I did with 40% dead, 50% armour damage and just one without a dent.
Whole shedload of missiles lighter as well as against my normal policy I was trying to kill frigates as quick as possible and the rapid lights certainly do that.

So end result was a slightly empty drone bay and a Gila BPC. I did not try and salvage anything else, just ran for home.

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