Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blatant Advert



Only one of the above is true... but now I have your attention. Read on.

Join us now for a chat in channel Spacemutts

There may be cake.

There may be sweets....

But remember to ask names before accepting any. Safety first!

Seriously though Space Mutts are recruiting and will actively consider any application that talks and can fly a ship in a reasonably straight line.

Drunken applications are fine, we will accept this as an excuse for poor piloting, we will even talk to you in the morning, possibly even think about breakfast, and may even respect you.

Must be able to take a joke, not be afraid of dying, as this, will happen. Welcome to EVE.

Mutts Kills (and deaths)

Not all our corp are male, and come to think of it I am not sure all qualify as human, the amount of hours they put in.

We are a corp that is mainly EU time zone but with a small and active US time zone membership.

Currently located mainly in Null Sec, but with a Low sec base that has some members that did not fancy the current trip to Null...

Space Mutts are fairly laid back, if you want to do

Sites - OK
Mine and build - also OK,
Explore and die explosively in worm holes - OK,
Pvp - there is nearly always someone that will do a small gang type roam with you. - Very OK
Missions - OK
Gate Camping - OK
Market trading - well there has to be a first

Survival is not guaranteed though and any sort of request for SRP will be met with mass laughter.
Please as always do not fly what you wish to keep.

There are no three line whips for CTA's, no penalties for verbally abusing the CEO and directors (they seem to thrive on it) and a good laugh to be had over all.

We have a number of capital pilots and a number who are not.  Logi and suicide tackle are highly thought of and may even get extra sweets. So no matter what your ability, if you fancy a change, talk to us.

We use Team speak and out of game phone app for communication. It would be nice if active on both, but not everyone is.

These are of course my opinions and views as a non director of the corp.

I am assuming that if they ever find this I will be bought an internet pint of the best bitter! Not sure if I will get to drink it or be dipped in it though...


  1. Thinking about joining though my irl schedule is pretty heavy, currently in Stain, who do I message in-game?

    1. Hi,
      You can message Me, John Wheway, Xeora 1984 or join channel Space Mutts to have a chat
      If you read a bit further we are currently in Drone space with heavy emphasis on pvp, but many do industry and rat as well.

      Drop a line for a chat.