Friday, February 6, 2015

Guristas Military Operations Complex

I have been ratting the lower end sites this week due to time constraints, May only be on for 20 minutes. Now this is enough time to do a Port or Rally Point but not a Forsaken Rally Point or Hub.

I have had two escalations from this, both in Germinate, so I left them alone.
In my mind, what happens when expired in 24 hours? Does it become scanable or does it become an escalation for another or just disappear?

Now on Wednesday evening  I had 20 minutes to kill so went to do a Port. I thought not good money but can do it in the time I have, so did.
At the end I was 7 million richer and had an entry in my Journal for a Military Operations Complex. This on look up was a 7/10 rated complex of 5 rooms.

It was also 8 jumps away in a fairly well traveled system.

A few people in corp were hesitant about my chances in a Gila and more so with the location.

Lucky that I was off the next day so logged on 90 mins before downtime, and quickly jumped across.

No issue getting there, didn't see anyone of note.

Started in after making a couple of safe points. Paranoia had kicked in and I had removed a couple of RLML and put in a cloak...

The first room was a bit of a shock at the volume of targets, but started with the smallest and just attacked everything in turn. Rapid Lights making 1-2 shots on the frigates while the drones chewed out the medium and above. Quite happy that shields did not dip below 65%.
Second room was the same, but I was more organised. In neither place did I stop to loot or shoot structures. I was more concerned with finishing before neutrals and reds show up.
Room three is the first one a commander turns up in, and therefore the first one that's worth looting. But hey, this is the first one I have done, if all the multiple BS drop BPC's let me know what I missed out on!
The fourth room was more of the same and then the fifth...
Now this pushed me a bit. mainly as the overview setting I had did not show the stasis tower... I had killed 4 or five before I thought on why I was only going at 100 m/s and my shields were south of 70%...
An unholy amount of small and medium and indeed large ships.

The tower died quickly and I moved on to actively targeting from small to large. Then I noticed I was slowing down and the commander BS was webbing me... By the time I had killed him and started on the rest there were still over 20 red crosses, half were battleships and shields about 35%

Not disastrous. I had in mind to align out when at 30% and warp at 20 to a safe I set up on the way in.
I was down to 4 BS when a neut appeared in system, so I swooped in to collect the commander loot and aligned out. At 2 BS to go 4 reds entered system and combat probes appeared on scan... Not feeling lucky I pulled drones and warped to a safe spot where the cloak I fitted came in very handy.

I did not bother going back.

I then sat still for 10 mins until everyone left, luckily going the other way to me.

Now was it worth it?

For the experience, Yes
For the adrenaline of the unknown, Yes
For the ISK (61 million from rat kills) Yes
For the loot.... No

Three faction rats
walked away with
Pith C type kinetic deflection field. about 17 million
Guristas Iron Charge Medium
Guristas Nova Cruise Missile
Dread Guristas Kinetic Deflection Amplifier about 2 million
20th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects. about 60 million

The ammunition all from the 4th room, the Deflection Amp the 3rd and the Pith C and effects the 5th.

So nothing earth shattering, but when sold 180 million in total for just over an hour...

Must admit I would have been interested in a Rattlesnake BPC, if only to build it.

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  1. > In my mind, what happens when expired in 24 hours? Does it become scanable or does it become an escalation for another or just disappear?

    Disappears. For escalations, the complex does not exist until you (the owner) warp to it the first time.

    FYI while you are in a deadspace site you have some amount of protection from other players trying to hunt for you. Even if they probe you, they still get sent to the first acceleration gate if they try to warp to your location, and have to go through each room. So you can take your time a bit when you're in the last room. Also 7/10s are not great, they drop c-type loot and BS size gear (meh). Since you're running smaller anomalies, you should look for the 6/10 ones which drop a-type cruiser gear ($$$).