Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back in Catch

Well, after neglecting John for too long and the recent frustrations in Vale of The Silent I log in to the strange world of NRDS..

Only needs an E to be apt.

Not Red Don't Shoot is a strange provi block custom that to be honest worries me.

To get used to it went to run a couple of sites in system, and found myself warping out whenever a neutral shows up.
Also saw the strange sight of a neutral industrial quite happy loitering near station. Any where else and he would be toast.

Are they spies, some probably, are they dangerous, some probably, are they useful, some probably.

There appears to be quite heavy penalties for shooting neutrals from the alliance, and apparently they re ship your victims as well.....

I fear that I will become complacent and that cloaked neutral is in fact a warp in point for the million plus interceptors on the next gate.

It also interferes with ratting.

Anyway enough of the rant

Bought a Confessor, fully fitted, off contract, thinking here be a nice little ship.... Still waiting to fly it. I have never had a use for small lasers, so no skill, and the skill for the ship itself was also missing...

3 days until I can barely fly it. Not good. But that's what its all about.

The kill mail will probably grace the blog here soon.

Space Mutts are making a home for ourselves out in Null, but keeping a firm eye on old low sec stomping grounds in Placid as well.

Still, I put down PI to make POS fuel last night, so at some point in the next week I expect the new Drifters to shoot the station out from under us or something equally catastrophic to happen to move us on....


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