Friday, February 13, 2015

Some people....

Short of time in Real Life I log in and set out to scan. Maybe a nice data or relic site that I can do quickly awaits.

Sadly not, wormholes and a Pith Penal Complex.

I look up the complex and decide that I do not have the time and possibly the ship to run this.

So bookmark it in corp and get on the chat channel to see if any of them are awake. 3 in corp but all docked so probably AFK.

One replies and I give him the heads up, he says thanks and heads out to do it.


Next day I log in at a similar time and scan. Lo and behold another Pith's Penal Complex in system. So I book mark it in corp again. The same people are on. So announce it and the same person as yesterday pipes up. He asks if I want to do it with him as most of them know I am new to this. I have time, and we agree that 5 mins and we will be off. All looking good.
Spend 5 mins re setting PI.

We then chat about who was warping to site first and what to expect etc.

Now in that 5 mins another corp person has logged in.

The new entrant pipes up with:-

"Hope your not planning to run my complex".....

Really? The one I just scanned down bookmarked and planned to run, while he logged in, un docked, saw it in bookmarks and saying nothing starts to run it....

To be honest I logged out in disgust. He did offer to sell me a Rattlesnake BPC though, but would not name a price.

Part of me hopes he got shot.

Next time I will BM it privately if I am at all interested, or contact the people that I know are not rude, ignorant, self absorbed nerds in their tech cave, blinking myopically whenever a stray beam of sunlight comes their way, and are in all probability allergic to soap!



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