Monday, September 29, 2014

Back In Low Sec

Well some are anyway...

I wrote about creating the third character on my account. Well just noticed that he is still in the worm hole, Logged off in an Epithal, that I think may possibly have scanning gear, but not logged on to try.

Probably going to have to pod myself back to high with this one, If I can scan down the low sec in an Epithal, I still have to run across one or more hostile systems in a hauler.

Anyway, enough of my stupidity

John has settled into the corps new home near Ostingle and started doing Level 1 missions for Fed Customs. Using an Algos normally. To be honest they are not very exiting or stretching. It does however hone the paranoia a bit as low sec missions are prone to interruption from anyone and everyone.
If you have not spent any time in wormholes its a quick and effective way to get used to D-Scanning, is doing low sec missions. Keep a spare ship handy.

If I get on and I really have no time, then a spot of belt rating relieves the tension. I tend to do this in either of two ways.
1. Take a cloaky rail gun armed Proteus, warp cloaked to each belt at 30-50. If you see something worth shooting uncloak and blap.
2. Fire up the Drake and methodically clear each belt and kill them all.

Method one can go though 12 - 15 belts in about 15 mins, usually only stop for a battleship or a clone soldier.  I admit I would stop for any Mordus Legion chaps, but only seen looted wrecks of these.

Method Two takes nearly my entire play time to do the same amount of belts. This does include nipping back to salvage and loot in a destroyer though.

The clone soldiers are present in about 40% of the belt runs I have done. Actual runs 11 against tags held = 4. All but one of these belt runs have been method 1 with the Proteus.
I find that if I log in and get two missions run then whip through the belts looking for Clone soldiers thats about my play time done.

As a side effect my security status has risen! I have gone from a Nasty Red Pirate at -9.6 to a Nasty Red Pirate at -8.7.
The Clone soldiers seem to be worth the most with a sec rise of 0.4% which is 10-20 times better than a normal rat. It also help that the tags that they drop can be sold quickly for 13-15 million each.

These 4 tags have helped me fund a little side project that I am working on.

I am going to sponsor a Corp Roam  for a laugh. We (the royal we, as I am seldom on long enough) take out similar frigates, destroyers or cruisers on roams several times a week. mainly expecting to die, and wanting to have fun. If fun is had, a red kill board is irrelevant. Its a game.

I have built Tristans, Hull tanked them all with rigs, Drone Damage Amp, Damage control and Overdrive in lows, Scram, Web and Afterburner in mids, highs are either Neutron Blaster, 125 mm Rails or Neuts. Light drones in bay.
I have built the same number of each type and handing them out one night. Mainly as an experiment, and hey it may kill more than the last Venture roam. If they die its cost about 40 million but provided an evenings entertainment for 10 ish people.
Gone tech 2 for most things, so Low sec Placid could be either a Turkey shoot or Death Trap one night next week....

I have to admit that I probably will not be doing this again though for a while. On limited time the grief required to collect enough bits to outfit 10 ships, then sit and fit them is an experience to do once but a chore to repeat.

All good fun

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