Friday, September 26, 2014

Logistics are a bit toooo much

The Logistics of operating a POS in W space have beaten me.

Now in Real Life,
that's that bit outside internet spaceships,
I have a new job. Not one I asked for or went looking for, more a case of the Boss saying there's a position vacant here, we think you can do it, its yours if you want it, let me know tomorrow.
Oh and by the way if you say no, your current role may be chopped in a couple of months...

Pay rise... No
Better Benefits .... No
Outside comfort Zone ... Yes
Lots More Work... Yes
Later Hours ... Yes

But lots of training into a position that is marketable most places instead of the very narrow field I was in.

So no brainer it seems.

However its cut my eve time from 1-2 hours a day to 30 mins to an hour tops.

For the first week, I would log in. Scan out the sigs, reset PI, then see if the holes lead to high sec for fuel. By the time I had done this and scanned out the C2, I was done. John, my main character had not even logged in that week.

Most days I would have no time to do anything else. I was logging on for no fun at all.
I play to unwind and I was stressing about fuel and a dwindling bank account, PI not quite paying for fuel costs. Its not good to stress over pixels.

The final straw was one of these new frigate holes. Found it, ignored it, went to sort PI. Next thing I know my POS was hit with a bomb.
Several Bombers on long Dscan, and three times one would decloak, drop a bomb and warp off before my guns could lock him.
No lasting damage but pride, and they were clearly playing to draw me out and murder me in a dark place. Now I was in a bomber, set up to scout, and I had my trusty Drake, but nothing that can kill multiple frigates. So I thought I can't touch them, and they cant be bothered to kill my stuff, so I logged off and went to walk the dog, who was most grateful.

Logged back on, to see if I still had a POS, and I had. Made the decision that I needed to move out, and there was a high in next doors C2. The C2 was clearly inhabited, multiple POS with lots of industry.
BUT no time like the present. Started ferrying all ships but scout and Iteron MK V out. all full of stuff.
Off lined and unanchored most defenses, and arrays and shipped them out.
Made the mistake of off lining the tower with a gun still anchored. Mistake that as could not unanchor the tower, had to put fuel in and wait to online to do it properly.
POS stuff is a nightmare and isn't simple.

Nearly 4 hours later at 3am I finally had most things in high sec. I had left a small gun that was 50k away but thats it. I could not be bothered to go back.

The next day I totted up the expenses..
Cost of ships
Cost of Tower
Cost of Fuel



And came up heavily in the RED.

However if I count the equipment and fittings I have at book value, then I made a profit. The Loot and PI paid for the fuel and 30% of the ship and tower cost, and I still have the ships and tower.

I did not play Oliver for a week, mindlessly failing to shoot things with John.

I have been invited to join a corp in a C3, which means I do not have to run my own POS, but real work currently comes first.

I have found that I do not have much of a life outside work, and I am taking a couple of weeks to sort it out.

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