Wednesday, September 3, 2014


What would we do without it.

Well in Wormholes, move out.

I find my daily routine governed by the question, "Where can I get fuel from?"

Now my set up with a medium POS is only 20 blocks an hour, or 480 a day or 3360 a week....
The fuel bay has space for about 30 days worth, and like the fool I usually am I only bought 2000 initially, needing space for tower, strontium etc.

Very quickly I decided that Fuel blocks were painfully expensive and quite bulky. There was also the issue that I have PI set up to churn out all the PI materials that go in fuel blocks, I was just missing the ice products.

Luckily an ammunition array can also manufacture fuel blocks, so one BPO later all set to go.
Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone are a product of all ice, the Hydrogen Isotopes needed for the rust buckets that are Mimnatar towers, are however are far more rare.

My skills not being brilliant, and the paranoia of a few warp core stabilisers means that my Iteron V can only carry about 4000 fuel blocks, or 8.3 days worth. This will cost outside Jita about 64 million or about 8 million a day.
However buying Liquid Ozone, heavy water and Hydrogen has so far, in the quantities to create a similar amount of blocks, has not filled the hauler and costs about 44 million. So 5.5 million a day.
So far I have then exported the excess PI and combined with the blue loot has paid for fuel. Once my alt actually gets a PI planet or two then I will be looking at a profit. This is at a rate of doing a site every other day.
Logistics and exploring take more time, and some days with 4 active wormholes in system, the thought of running sites is daft.

Whoever said wormholes were paved with gold obviously :
a. Never lived in a C2
b. Did not have to pay for fuel
c. Or had plenty of PI alts.

So I find myself usually with between 6-10 days of fuel, and always exploring a low or high sec entrance to get more. Most days I will come back stuffed with one or more or the materials.

The thought of upgrading to a large tower is too much for a beginner.


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