Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bit of a Disaster

But not much!

Now John had been neglected while wormhole stuff was being sorted out, and had not killed anything in ages.
So He logs in and gets on team speak to hear a frigate and destroyer roam had just left.
Aha, the hull tanked Tristan needed another spin.

So once undocked and had a target system off we go. 4 jumps, figure is easy. A ten plus group clearing the way should be easy.
Saw no one, Jumped into Renarelle, and onto next gate... hit the gate and nothing happened. Checked in TS and it appears that I disconnected. TS is on a phone, not computer.
Now I use a Mac and the client is not 100% and I get a disconnect usually once an hour or so. So well trained in killing the client and logging in again. Usually takes 30-40 seconds..

Log in warp starts, just as my wife starts talking to me... Not good.  Anyway, I think just have to select gate and jump.

However overview had gone to my default, which is a little cluttered, and saw gate 12k away, Thought some bad things, selected and pressed jump and paid attention to Her who must be Obeyed.

The horrible sounds keyed me into trouble. Turned around, and I was already in structure! Tried aligning to a random celestial and pressed warp lots. No go. As a nasty piratey red person the insta locking frigates snagged my pod as well. No gate guns for them....

Looking at a floaty corpse I realised two things.
1. I obviously disconnected jumping into Ren not jumping out, thus the log in warp took me to the gate I was not expecting.
2. While landing from a log in warp, even if I was paying attention, you cannot warp for long enough to let you be locked by a blind one legged cow.
3. I should have thought quicker and turned on the damage control, launched the drones, fired the guns or even tried to target one of them. Or done anything at all....
4. I am a total Scrub.
5. I can't count.

So, wiping the goo off at least I remembered to upgrade clone, went back to Oulley and jumped into a rapid light missile Talwar.

Set destination again and set off.

Went past my looted wreck and floating corpse, next system over I think, oh that's a lot of red crosses on the gate, and get scrammed and one shotted by the incursion rats in system.
I was less than impressed.
Pod was already in warp to next gate and jumped.

Set destination to Oulley again, slightly different route back. Next system saw a proteus decloak on jumping in and then I was off. The proteus showed up on overview and Dscan mid warp. Strange I thought....

Land on gate and bang,



Killed by a smart bombing Proteus that beat me in warp and obviously knew what he was up to.

So not killed for months, then lose 2 ships and 2 pods in an hour.

Sometimes its good to not log in.

Tristan was 100% my fault as should have been paying much more attention.
The incursion kill (no kill mail by the way, I wonder how many they get?) is annoying but could see no reasonable way to avoid that.
The pod to the proteus, well good kill, and very skilled at what he does.

But annoying

Went to go sit in a wormhole and muck up shooting at sleepers.


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