Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little excitment

Now Oliver's scanning skills are not brilliant
Astrometrics 4
Rangefinding 2
Pinpointing 2
Acquisition 0

So to stack the deck a Helios
Covert Ops skill 3

Core Probe Launcher
Covert Ops Cloak
Scan Rangefinding Array
Scan Rangefinding Array
Scan Pinpointing Array
Scan Pinpointing Array
Experimental 1mn afterburner
Warp Core Stabiliser
Nanofiber Internal Structure
Nanofiber Internal Structure
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade
Small Low friction Nozzle joints

Sisters core probe scanners

In short small fast, hard to pin and single job is scanning
with this I get the average signature on second or third attempt.

So I log on, and I am already in the scan ship. It is pointless logging in to find your POS reinforced or dead if you cannot scan out. 6 sigs in system, five minutes later have them as 2 gas, a data and three wormholes. None of the other usual inhabitants of the hole are online, so security for site running is not going to happen.
Warp to the first hole, Low sec in Solitude 5 jumps from high and no local fuel... No decent shopping so book mark and go back.
Warp to the second and its a K162 from Null. A deserted system in the Greater Wildlands. biggest point of interest was that it had an ice belt. One I could use. There was a plan afoot. Well at least until I went back to the POS and looked in the ship hanger.
Iteron V

Hmmm. Nothing that could mine ice. Made a note to get a procurer at some point.

So last hole was a C2. Warped and jumped in.
Dscan showed towers, plenty of them, and 9 ships, mainly Dominix and haulers. Oops I thought lets look. Only 3 sigs and 1 anomaly in system, and that was ore outside dscan range. So made a safe.
One side of the system had 6 towers and 6 forcefields, the other side, after shortening the range to clear duplicates had 4 towers and 3 force fields. Interestingly there were 4 Ship Maintenance Arrays and 4 Corporate Hanger Arrays on scan....
So kept probes in, as they may not notice me. There was also a further 5 ships, two being retrievers, both in the Ore....
Narrowed down the towers and warped to each. One had a piloted Domi and a piloted slicer... Good to go unseen.
Anyway one tower had no force field, but did have the SMA and CHA.....  oh for some guns.

Bookmarked, and went to ore site. the two retrievers warped off after I had been there a minute as the sleepers showed up.

I wanted to kill that SMA, but thought the likely hood of getting a Drake across system, Kill two structures, loot and get back to my hole were slim. No one I knew was up and had no idea how to contact any interested party. the system did have a High sec static, so I thought that I could provide an entrance if I had a taker.

Mailed the other inhabitants of my hole (who had cloaky combat ships) and went to bed.
7 am the next morning I text one who I knew would be up and told him to read his mails. Full details of the target were included. I was just off to work... Isn't Real Life good!
20 mins later had a text back that he had killed it scooped the loot and was dodging a Tengu.

Wish it was my kill!

He had an alt that scooped the Orca and thus all the rest.
Killed the CHA as well.

I did rather nicely out of that, adding a Retriever and a number of other bits to my loot. The Retriever was set up well for mining, tech 2 strip miners and crystals, tech 2 rock scanner and mining upgrades but rigged for more CPU... which reduces the rubbish shields they have.
Need a couple of Ice miners next trip and its a cheap standby.

My issue is that the SMA was an easyish target if I could apply damage. However if I shot it I would have been forced to shoot most of the dropped ships as could not fly an Orca or even the Domi that dropped... Also I would have to abandon the Drake. Not good.

Added a Bomber to my list of useful things to have. (That I can fly).

I also need more contacts.

If I find a target that I cannot hit they there is no reason in my mind why not let someone else do so.

I figure the bomber is a good replacement for the Helios. Just as squishy, reasonably agile, cloaked, but without all the scan bonus. Big plus though is some torpedo launchers. So I could at least shoot some things.

Will have to fit one and see how badly it scans. Probably 40 - 50 million to buy and fit though so a big chunk out of my fuel slush fund.

Is it for me. Who knows.


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