Friday, March 14, 2014

Planets and You

Having only an hour to sit in my nerd world and play Eve, I thought that I may as well set up some Planetary Infrastructure (PI).
I would like to say at this point that I have had 4 different people tell me how to set up PI, and while their methods may work for them, I am trying something different. An experiment that I will update the progress of periodically.

John has the skills for 4 planets at upgrade 4 and with Planetology at 4 and Advanced Planetology at 3.
Oliver has the skills for 5 Planets at upgrade 4 but Planetology at 2.

 I had been looking around at the planets in close proximity to my base system, giving me 4 systems within 1 jump (including jump bridge). Easy I thought.
Now PI is something that I had done in passing in High Sec, but never had the use beyond selling the output. I had some weird setups, including a Plasma planet that managed to create robotics on its own. In Null I set up PI for POS fuel 3 days before we left. The limited output is still up for sale in our old station.

So this time, I though I would get in early, plan and use both accounts.

My plans received an early setback when I found no Plasma worlds in our Sov, and only 1 Ice world and that was 6 jumps... 6 jumps in null in an industrial (no blockade runner skills yet) I did not fancy at all. So I spent the first 15 minutes in a spread sheet sticking in all the planets and their materials.
I had a plan.
I thought that I would be ambitious and produce everything that I would need to produce control towers and other large structures...A Goal

To this end I would need a dedicated factory planet and a source of every single material. Luckily only 3 planets (Gas, Lava and Temperate) have a unique resource, so with planning I can do without Plasma and Ice.
I have ended up with Oliver having 5 planets, all in one system, Barren, Gas, Temperate and two Lava planets.
John has put down on Oceanic and Storm as resource planets and Temperate for the production centre. Each resource planet produces 2 materials.

The set up is the same for all resource planets.
Command Centre Upgraded to 4
Launch Pad
Two extractor Control Units, each with 4 Heads
Storage x1
Basic Industry Facility x6

To set it up, locate the two resources that interest you in a position that they are close together, and slap a command centre in the middle. Upgrade Command to the desired level. 4 in my case.
You have to have a command centre in a ship, in space in the system that you are wanting to work in. Personally I used an Iteron V parked up near a POS with a cloak active, all command centres were in the hold... YOU ARE A TARGET otherwise as with the planet screens open you are not checking local and D scan.....
Place your storage nearby and then place the extractors either side, making sure that the range covers the high quality resource.
Link the extractors to the storage and start the extractors on the minimum time settings, adjusting the heads.
DO NOT forget to route the materials to the storage. This is a separate action that is frankly a pain
You now have 15 mins to wait, so put down 6 basic processors between the storage and launch pad, as close as you can get. Link each processor to both the storage and the launch pad. Initialise each processor, 3 for mat 1 and the other 3 for mat 2.
By the time you have finished this click fest you probably have 10 mins to wait, so roll to the next planet and do the same.
When you have reached this point in the second planet the extractor has cycled on the first.
First things first:- re set the extractors, I select a day at this point for calibration and have to re jig the expanded heads, then visit the storage and send material to each of the basic processors.
These should take from the raw material in the storage and route the finished product to the launch pad.

Doing this for all seven resource planets, including re logging as John took me nearly 2 hours... Late to bed then.

The Production Planet.  Only Temperate and Barren planets can build the High Tech Production Plants, so this cuts the options down.

I picked a Temperate planet in the system with the most resource planets. Less Transport jumps.

A command centre was put down at random, as no intention of mining.

A launch facility and 2 storage (1 and 2) put down then 6 Advanced Industry Facilities (Stage 1) clustered together.

Both storage 1 and 2 linked to launch facilities and to each of the Stage 1 plants.

Placed a further storage(3) a short distance away at a 90 degree angle and linked to all the Stage 1 plants.

Created 3 Advanced plants (Stage 2) clustered near the new storage. Linked all to Storage 3.

Created a further Storage(4) between Storage 3 and the Launch facility and linked to the Stage 2 plants.

Then placed 2 high tech plants near storage 4. Linked to Storage 4 and a final storage 5 linked to High Tech plants and the Launch facility.

The Theory...

Basic Materials dropped at Launch Pad and transferred to Storage 1 and 2.
Stage 1 process from here to Storage 3.
Stage 2 plants then process to Storage 4.
High Tech Plants take from storage 4 and finished product is deposited in Storage 5. Need this as lose output if destination is full. These can then be transferred to Launch facility on command and up to the customs office.

Now this goes against everyone that has advised me. Opinion has been that no one person can make all 8 final tier PI products. I believe that two can and plan to try.......

Points to Note
Planetology Skill... It was noticed that John and Oliver, looking at the same planets saw different levels and areas of materials on the same planets. The higher this skill goes  (and Advanced Planetology) the more you can see. You can only mine what you can see....
Make your transport ship safe. Many get popped between dropping command centre and getting safe as distracted by the planet screens.
The lower the security status the more the resources. So Worm Hole space is best followed by Null, Low then High.
Watch Custom Office fees. not unusual to see in excess of 20% in High. Lower the better. all else being equal pick the planet with the lowest fees.
Its not cheap to set up.
81k in high for command Centre. Concord Fees cost me a bit over 5.8 million for EACH resource planet...
Make sure you can afford all that you need to do before you start.

Comments as always welcome.


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