Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This blog is an experiment on my part to write about my adventures on EVE online.

I expect that people will laugh at my ship fits and antics, but I am fairly new, try the unusual and willing to listen to the critics.

I have one account, using two character slots and started June 2013.

1. John - Initial character started as a Gallente pilot. No previous experience of EVE and knew no one in game. Bit of a Jack of all trades, as I was clueless. Currently 13.5 million skill points spread  across all skill areas. This character can do everything in moderation, but not specialised into any area. This is changing as I grow more knowledgeable.

2. Oliver - Started November 2013 as a gallente pilot also. Currently just under 7 million skill points mainly specialised into combat and mining. (I changed direction towards a mining alt 2 months ago). When I get the PLEX its spent on the dual character training.

Blog posts can be from either view point as I am trying to play only one a day and on alternate days. My game time is also limited due to real life work and family commitments (My children have a better social life than me!)

After finishing the starting missions John became a hi sec miner, running the odd level 1 mission. I approached a couple of Corps for membership, as it seemed the social aspect is a large part of the game.
A couple turned me down flat, one on language, (I do not speak Russian), one as I was so new and one on time zone. In hindsight all fair reasons. (Spying and alts were a foreign concept then...).
I was then accepted by my current corp, a small 20-40 man outfit located in Sinq Liason. I seemed to fit even though I was (and still am) the only non US player.
High Sec mining and working my way up to level 3 missions (for half a dozen different agents) and into a Myrmidon were my mainstay..
Then came the option of Null sec in Providence as a renter... We were there a month, before it fell apart, where I could only mine and fly the odd patrol.
I got in on my first kill mail, before dying several times.

Back to high and then on to a sov alliance in Paragon Soul... This time took a Helios and a Procurer and a load of BPC's. I mined and explored, running Data and Relic sites on a daily basis. I would spend one day mining to every 6 exploring. I also felt the lure of the Worm Hole...
John was also lucky enough to fight on the edges of B-R, in a frigate, and come away in one piece...

This alliance also fell apart, I had made a fortune in rigs and invention of tech II bpc's, (buying a stack of PLEX for dual character training), never run a combat site and acquired a Stratios  as my favourite ship.

Back in High Sec again, and every day took my Stratios into a different Worm Hole, looking for Null and Low sec exits. I would try and drop on miners(no luck) and steal from other siphons, (a few) and run more data and relic sites, I also found that I could easily tank low and null ghost sites.

I hated High Sec, constantly hitting D scan and wanting to shoot everyone hanging around a gate or station that was not blue....


Deployed very recently to Esoteria to a new Null Alliance and settling in. Both characters are here with multiple jump clones.
I have in High Sec all the parts for a cloaky nullified Proteus, just not the skills, which I am training now.
Aims for this deployment are:-
1. To build a battleship and actually rat in null sec, mainly to see if I like it.
2. Build and fit several different types of cruisers, and try and get them killed learning more about PVP
3. Either earn the money or build the parts for the above, so self sufficient.
4. Use Worm Holes as the High Sec highway, and see if my Proteus is any luckier finding targets in them.

Oliver is very much a mining alt, with PI skills and middling (non tech II) combat skills. He is here to mine to accomplish some of the above and emergency home defense.



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