Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moving In

The wait had ended!
Finally our alliance application had been accepted and we were in and allowed to move.
1. Our CEO offered to take a Jump Freighter down with 50k m3 space allocated each. probably not going for 3-4 days and leaving from south of Amar, so 25 ish jumps to get to the jump off point.
2. Run down ourselves in something fast/cloaky and hope HED and other bottle neck systems were not bubbled and camped. Take what you can and buy the rest down there.
3. Find a Worm Hole and DIY.

Being online a few hours before most of my corp has advantages...
John logged in to the news that there was a Worm Hole 5 jumps away that had an exit 2 jumps from new alliance sov. Game on.
Refitted the Stratios with a couple of Cargo extenders and filled up with all my BPC's, low value BPO's (I know, but I judge that if it costs less than 2 million then its ok), and modules that I thought would come in useful for a Dominix and some cruisers. Flight was uneventful, worm hole was a C5, with no visible POCO's (Player Owned Custom Offices), and one POS(Player Owned Structure), no force field on D scan. Whole system fitted in D Scan range, so fairly safe. Popped out the other end and saw no one all the 2 jumps to station.
Re logged as Oliver and fitted an Iteron V, loaded in a Procurer, a Vexor and some PI command centres, with the modules for each. Sorted.
Worried more about being ganked in High Sec on the way to the hole than anything else... An easy run.

Stayed on as Oliver as needed to find the best mining site, and help scout the best place for any corp office, as a few of us well and truly got in early.

Odd set up as there seemed to be a ratting system (deep negative security) and a mining system connected by jump bridge, but no refining ability in the mining station.... Lucky I had brought the Iteron, as the refining station in the ratting system has no factory slots, so need to mine, haul and then refine and haul back again. A pain but doable.

No time like the present I thought, unpacked the Procurer and fitted

Strip Miner I  (brought a II but forgot crystals)
Limited Thermic Dissipation Field
Limited 'Anointed' EM Ward Field
Residual Survey scanner
10mn Afterburner
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Medium Anti_EM Pump I
Medium Anti-EM Pump I

Hobgoblin II x5

Mobile Tractor Unit in Cargo

Then went into an glorious Null sec environment, ignored the Ore anomalies and headed to the nearest belt to mine Veldspar !

Had not even pulled my first load off a Dense Veldspar roid when the rats appeared.
A Sansha Lord, Behemoth and two Butchers. Drones away.

I have to say that killed them all but had lost 65% of armour at the same time. Deployed the tractor to grab the loot and re scooped the tractor.
Could do with a mobile salvager as well (Hint Hint CCP) as would be nice to clean up those wrecks.
A bit worried about the next rats, warped out only half full to repair, and refitted, removing a Mining Upgrade and installing a Drone Damage Amp II.

Rats then became an irritant, but can now kill before losing more than 10% armour.

Ended the day, popping over the Jump Bridge full of ore and non meta 4 mods to refine and recycle...

Found that the minerals produced were bigger than the ore going...  Interesting.

No Kryos on market and one Miasmos one jump away for 5 million. Daylight robbery. But I bought it anyway...


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