Thursday, March 13, 2014

Helping the Corp

Mining... It is dull, but the bread and butter of manufacturing

My second day in the new home saw me logging on as Oliver to get the boring mining stuff done.

No boosts seemed to be available in my time zone, so with only one mining upgrade, 2700 m3 of ore per 180 seconds, mining is dull. Each full load in the procurer also seemed to attract a new wave of belt rats. The easiest method seemed to be warp back to station and put ore and salvage in Miasmos and repair and out again.
Every hour, roughly, mining meant a trip to the refining system, full of ore and spare modules, coming back full of minerals. Every other trip had to be in the Iteron, taking less ore but pulling back nearly all the processed material.

Seriously considering a refining POS. Here I am a novice, only ever having seen a POS from afar. Discussions with some of our directors went along the line of, if you want one then fund it and they will put one up. Its a thought but I am not sure that filling up a POS refining array is more time efficient than jumping over and doing it in a station there.

Just to explain why not mine in the refining system. The Rats. Its very nearly a -1.0 system so a typical belt spawn would be multiple advanced battleships. Mining barges with drones just are not going to survive. Multiboxing with a combat ship would be an option for some, One account though makes this not for me.

On the last two deployments the corp has put up a POS for moon materials and a basic lab, and soon that will happen here.

AFK mining being suicidal in Null areas and not multiboxing, its dull.

At the end of the day I had enough materials to build a corp mate a Procurer and strip miner to develop our material base. Also started building ammo for use and sale.  I always forget to charge for these things as well. Ho hum.


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