Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exploring New Sov

Having a warm glowing feeling inside from the mining and ship creation yesterday, I logged in as John to have a look around.

Back in my Stratios for the first time in days, made my feet itch to get out there.

Now I have several fittings for the Stratios, all in cargo with a mobile depot for refiting on the move. Base start fit tends to be:-

Heavy Modulate Pulse Energy Beam x2
Covert Ops Cloak II
Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Drone Link Augmenter

Experimental 10MN Microwarp Drive
Cargo Scanner II
Data Analyser II
Limited Adaptive Invuln
Medium Supplemental Barrier

Drone Damage Amp II  x2
Damage Control II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten

Medium Anti Explosive pump
Medium Trimark Armour II

Curator I x5
Guarde I x5
Warden I
Salvage Drone I x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Hammerhead II x5
Mining Drone I x5

Mobile Depot
Adaptive Nano Plate II
Medium Accomodation Vestment
Relic analyser I
Expanded Cargo Hold II
J5 Phased Prototype Warp scrambler

Comments and suggestions welcome. I have used Tech II where I can. Skills are lacking in some areas....

Anyway, on undock, what do I see but a ghost site in system. I quickly dock back in and add in the nano plate in exchange for the Drone damage, and warp to the site.

Landing in the middle of 4 cans, I lock all 4 and cargo scan before moving. Picking the can with the ascendancy omega BPC, approach, micro warp and defences on. The hacking was a joke, core found in 4 moves, contents scooped and onto next at speed. I had just hacked the third can when the rats warped in, and managed to scoop the contents before the cans blew.

I watched my shields evaporate and armour start to go. Having tried to target the rats before, I knew it was pointless and sat there till they warped.

2 Ascendancy Omega BPC's a Wetu BPC and 30 research tools for 5 minutes work. Not bad.

Typically the Ghost sites in Null put me into half armour, I usually deploy the depot and repair, but with the station there I ducked in to refit.

I then jumped to all systems in Sov to admire the view, checked for siphons (you never know) and that was it for my time in Eve.

No idea what the BPC's are worth, but squirreled away for consideration and possible build when I find the required parts.

Comments are welcome. I am doing this mainly to see if I can write coherently, and get some pointers on what I am doing wrong/right in Eve.

There is about a week to ten day delay on posting, which I plan to reduce to 2-3 shortly. 2-3 days I feel is enough so that people are not queuing up to kill me.


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