Friday, March 14, 2014

Chaos Reigns

Due to Real Life, could only nip on for a short time.

Mine and extend PI was the thought.

Logged on, team speak was quiet. Not for long. It seemed that Darkness of Despair had suddenly disbanded and Sovereignty had dropped in 60 plus systems all across the south of New Eden.

Now I knew why it was quiet, different channels.

It seemed that there was a major rush to obtain Territorial Claim Units (TCU's) and to a lesser extent Sovereignty Blockade Units. A special Jump Freighter trip was arranged in Alliance and people were being called up as they came on line. Having to wake up for work in less than 6 hours, I had to duck out and get my much needed beauty sleep.

Logged on for an update in the morning while doing pre work routine, here in Esoteria 15 systems suddenly became available including 4 station systems. If seemed that N3 and PL had flipped 3 of the stations and was busy shooting everything. The fourth was claimed by Darkess of Despair's sister corp, Hand of Despair

This then placed most of Esoteria in easy capital drop range. Not good. A number of fire sale contracts seemed to be cropping up.

Watching progress in Dotlan while at work was an interesting experience.  Part of me thought, well its the hand of Bob, set up PI and be forced to move...!

Coven (and many others) had done a stirling job however of denying sovereignty in most of the systems, and were busy re flipping the station in 0-O6XF while I was on the way home.
Having the benefit of an empty house for 2 hours I jumped on as Oliver (as he had a Vexor) and headed off to join a station bash in C9N-CC.
Saw half a dozen reds on the way, no bubbles on D-Scan but bouncing off random Celestials on the way in.

I have been in fleets that always warp to the sun then to gate, or always go to planet 1 etc, I vary it. When traveling in hostile space, I sort overview by distance, exclude fleet and Blue then bounce off a middle celestial at random. sometime a planet, sometimes a TCU sometimes a customs office. NEVER a moon or a belt. You may get shot. This way you approach the target gate from a random direction. They cannot bubble everything. I have heard of bubble fleets sitting at the Sun waiting for the repeat offenders. Be random.

Landing on grid found about 30 others ranging from bombers to capitals pounding on station. It was into shields about 40%, so drones away and added my meager contributions.  I suspected my 200mm Prototype Guass rail guns, (yep No tech 2 weapons- either character) would not help much, especially as I only had 2 full loads of antimatter. Tried to target an anoying capsule that would poke out of station. realise there were bubbles up and duck back in. No luck at all.

Ordered to warp off as structure hit 3% so Coven could take the station, I realised I had to get home.

The way back was uneventful until the last gate, which happened to be heavily bubbled. Landed 50 k out and saw a Stabber 12k away. Bright Red - oops We were both in the bubble so I thought why not. Kicked in the after burner, launch a flight of hobgoblins and turned on the guns.(completely forgot to activate the warp disrupted, but deep in a bubble, I forgot) He did not seem to notice until half his shields had gone. About 5 seconds. Funnily he did not target me, but kicked in, from the speed, a micro warp drive, headed for the gate and jumped.
I had not even checked the name. Shows you how bad I am at this. Shouted into alliance that a hostile was at home and bounced off the gate.

Read Alliance chat..... Heaps of abuse from a Stabber pilot... oops. It seems that his security status was -9.5...He was in Alliance.....
Turns out that my overview settings were somewhat lacking and I had the negative security icon above blue, (he was not in fleet, fleet was at the top)...

I then experienced some re education, with the aid of a few colourful turns of phrase and some pointed remarks about my competency.

All fair. In my defense, I did not know that these settings mattered and indeed could be changed.

Many many apologies to the Stabber pilot. I hope that you had brown trousers on.... ;-).

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