Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Entosis Games

Out in Scalding pass, there is a constellation of stars in the top left that belong to a new player in the region.

Now in Scalding Pass this is not saying a lot, small alliances come, kick someone out and then are evicted in turn a while later. None of the really big boys care, and its a good training ground for all things Sov.

I had not operated an entosis module since my last time in Scalding Pass, when fighting against Bright Side of Death (who still hold the space they evicted me from).
It's still rather painful (the process, not the memories).

The ship of choice seems o be a Neurosis, although I have seen everything from Battlecruises down giving it a go.

There still appears to be two ways of countering them.
1. Shoot them
2. ECM Griffins.

Having now done it on two different nights, sitting orbiting a node for 25-30 minutes is not fun.
I have had more fun shoe shopping than this, and I hate shoe shopping!

The pain is that you cannot warp off while the module is operating. So some go for a ship that can shoot back and others go for tank on a ship that is cheap and rely on screaming for help.

ECM is a right pain as it kills off the entosis cycle and the entosis ship has to start again. Happened to me once on a 25 minute cycle, and I was 8 mins from the end. This protracts a dull experience into a very dull experience and the chances of the same pilot doing it several days running are small.
Its amazing how many will be washing their hair or watching some rocks grow as more interesting and valuable uses of their time... You also don't have the excuse of having to reship or find another entosis module, as you are still alive and in space.

On another note, I am off on holiday tomorrow until 2nd September so no posts till after then.


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