Monday, August 14, 2017

Alpha Clone Adventures Part 2

I have kept the training queue full on Mi, which, lets face it is not that hard. It is like going back a couple of year to how the skill system used to be, Only 24 hours of training, and once over that barrier no new skills can be added.
Going back to this way of doing things, I can completely see the benefits of the current system.

The old one did force you to log in more regularly though. However, I am off on holidays soon and what with one thing and another will be away from computer for about 17 days. Now I can, on an Omega account, put half a dozen (or shall I just bite the jump cal V bullet) and not log in and no danger of  missing any training....

Anyway, what to do with an Alpha?

One thing I thought I would try is Faction Warfare. So moved my rookie ship (No missions, so no crap to move) down to Minmitar space, to try it far from home. Not decided if to join Amarr or Minmitar as yet. Did not wish to join Gallente as may want access to Jita at some point...

On the way down in my rookie ship i did project discovery for a while. and earned enough for 5 canisters. I came away quite pleased, in that I kept the Tristan skin, but sold the Brutix, Dominix, Epithal and Punisher skin for enough ready isk to buy most of the skill books I can train and buy several frigates.

I arrived and put in an app to a corp that was recommended to me as alpha friendly and am now waiting...

I cannot find any ships on local market that I can use however so may be short lived unless I can find a supply.

It seems strange to be sitting in Low sec not in a corp and not having anything except civilian guns on a rookie frigate.

Never been in a FW corp, so will report back soon.

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