Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alpha Clone - First step into Faction Warfare

Corp -Done
Ship - Partial
Guide - Read
Confidence - High
Prospects of a messy death - Possible.

Well, I was accepted into a faction warfare corp. From log in times I can see they are mainly in the US time zone. Not unusual for me and certainly not an issue.
Someone had kindly put 10 Tristan hulls up in the station I was in, so I bought them. Outfitting the ship was the next issue.
I was aiming for a kite version with shield rigs, point and drones as skills are currently very limited.
Looking on the market I could not find any medium tech 1 shield extenders, tech 1 drone damage amps, tech 1 drones except warriors. nor could I find prop mods of right size, buying 50MN micro warp drives by mistake..

So, I had shield rigs, a nano fiber, a point, no guns and 5 warrior 1's and was set to take the world.

With no real thought I undocked looking for something to do... and I look at the status bar and find that I am in a stable system, so no point in doing plexes.

Docked back up and went to see the level 1 agent. Found, that I had to recover some data sheets from 6 jumps away and return. So I set off.

On the way found the next system was contested, but only by 0.2% so sat in the novice complex for 10 mins, earned 125 LP and system was stable again... I had made a difference!

2 Systems further on was 42% contested, no one in system so warped to large, and started orbiting the NPC at 500. Two npc wrecks and 2 player ship wrecks on grid. Timer at 21:40. So I watched local and waited. With 7 mins left on the clock 3 neutrals entered system, I swapped Dscan to 5 AU and waited.
An Orthrus landed first, closely followed by a Deimos and an interceptor. I was too busy warping out to look which one and what corp they were in.

Anyway, holiday over, I get to target system, 2 in local, both Minmitar Militia, so I start the site.

About 20 frigates in first room, so I launch all four drones and start orbiting a large object. By the time all are dead, its been a while and only me and 1 neutral in system. Dscan said an Orthrus again. But not the same person.

Safe in a mission pocket I ignored him and checked Dscan for combat probes.

While doing 350m/s towards the second acceleration gate 76km away (need to find a prop mod) saw a Tristan on dscan getting closer. Again just the two of us.

Did not think of it till he landed on grid and 5 hobgoblin II's popped out.

I ran like a big girl. If I had guns, shields or decent drones would have taken the fight. but with a point and not a lot else, no.

Warped to station and asked in local how he found me without combat probes...

Now here's a thing I did not know. As soon as I warped to the mission site it activated a public beacon that anyone can warp too.... Not good. He found me with Dscan then shipped down to what could get in a novice site.

Now I need to fit that ship.  I did complete the mission about 30 minutes later though and get the 6 jumps back without incident. 1100 LP and 102,000 ISK reward.

Not bad, but not good. I am sure better things will come.

No idea what to save the LP for though?


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