Friday, July 25, 2014

Lack of Time

Combination of work, children and preparing to go on holiday has kept me away from the game in the last week for anything more than an hour or so a day.

Oliver, has been logging into the wormhole, by and large in between others, and so has not been sociable. PI, a small amount of mining to trigger the rat spawn, and poking nose into whatever connects for a quick look has been the name of the game.
The Crius release hit 2 days ago and stopped the only other activity I do there, ammo and fuel block manufacturing. Now I deliberately stopped all jobs before the update. I have not been playing long enough to be truly paranoid, just, with an industry release thought it prudent to stop it all.
Now have fallen foul of the cost to manufacture in a pos bug. 1 run of tech 1 missiles now costs me 6 ISK to put in. for 100 missiles, fair enough, but it wants the funds from the corp master wallet.
Now like 95% of POS users, we do not run corps, just use the facilities, mainly for free. There is no way on any New Eden planet that we would all be allowed take access from the corp master wallet.
Now I get why, as the POS is a corp asset, and all jobs are corp jobs, then if someone has to pay then the corp is the default. But hello CCP this is real life. most people that use a POS are not corp directors. Possibly all the devs, testers and CSM members that use a POS are directors and have roles to access the corp wallet, and therefore this was tested and passed without thought.
Please test from the little persons view point. Please.
CCP has now listed it as an undesirable feature, and said that a fix will take about a week.... For many a week without fuel blocks built locally will be interesting. Also a week when they have one or two other things to fix will probably mean two.

John then gets logged in to basically shoot things. A bit of mindless gate camping at the end of the day is always a wind down for me. Sometimes I am the only one there, which gets the blood up a bit, but more often there are 1-5 others that can share the gate gun fire.
Yesterday as I log in a tower bash was about to start next door, so I jumped into a Proteus, shot the tower a couple of times to get on the kill mail

Small Tower Kill

and remained cloaked up watching while our transports landed to anchor a new one. Then went to camp the hi sec gate so that people could not come through and interfere...
I have been making a rule to log off after the first kill, unless like yesterday that was within 30 seconds of arriving at the gate. A Punisher was just decloaking as I landed.

Punisher Kill

Then it was dead.

I have had a few more than normal disconnect issues since upgrade to Crius, (Mac Client), and so missed a couple of shuttles that were caught, then killed a Coercer


and his empty pod

That was me for the night. A good result.

I fear that business is going to be slow however in  the future as the charges to make anything in industry will now pump up the price. CCP say between 1 and 14%....
Now I have heard several ideas of what the % is a % of. Some say the base price of the item.
Say for example a Coercer,

Z-kill says 1.117 million isk. so 1% is 11, 170 and 14% is 156,380, multiplied by system index.
Not bad

Another school of thought has it that its 1-14% of the NPC blueprint price.... of 8.635 million so that's between 86,350 and 1.208 million...  multiplied by system index. That's at worst

Another says that its the materials price for whatever is being manufactured multiplied by the system index. This will give you a value a bit less than the market price calculation.

However the system index is calculated by taking the number of manufacturing hours for that system in last 28 days and dividing by total manufacturing hours in New Eden.

My heavy missile BP requires 738 Tritanium at ME -10 and 2 Nocxium so assuming a price of 6 per Tritanium and 624 for Nocxium that's 5,676 in materials cost. In a wormhole with minimal manufacturing then 1% of this rounded up is 57.... which is 10 times what it asked for... 6 is 10% of this or 0.001%

I once worked out that a Raven would cost £138,063,151 if I bought the materials. So if this is the case 1% is a healthy 1.38 million, 5%  is 6.9 million and 10% is 13.8 million but 0.1% is only 138,063 which is far better.

I am lost to be honest. Anyone who can explain simply, I would be grateful.

The end result is that everything will cost more 5-10% is my guess.

Anyway I am going on Holiday for a couple of weeks, during which time Oliver and John are both training Caldari Cruiser V and this blog will be quiet.

Hopefully Industry will be less broken when I get back.


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