Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wormholes again - What's the fascination?

Now for the last 6 weeks neither character have been near a wormhole, the time has been spent gate camping with one and mining with the other. A sideline in building a few bits in Oulley has done quite well, making a profit from Station Containers, Scripts and Warp Core Stabilisers. seems to be a healthy market for each.

Now I was listening into team speak at the wrong time, it seems that one corp in the alliance has a wormhole and was looking for fresh meat volunteers to join them. I sort of did want to do this, but not with John, although he is the best skilled and set up for wormholes.

So Oliver finally left Back-Water and joined up. This has also left me without an out of corp/alliance back up... So I capitulated and started another character.

On the first night I managed to kit out a Helios as a scan ship and get it in the hole. But I needed some roles to use the POS which would have to wait for the next day. I busied myself making a couple of safe warp to spots and perches.

I then took stock. Travelling light was going to be name of the game, so I made a list
1. Scan ship plus probes
2. Venture kitted to mine both ore and gas.
3. Venture as a fast salvage ship with salvage rigs
4. General Hauler
5. PI Hauler
6. Assorted PI command Centres.
7. DPS ship
8. Modules to fit each.

This was fairly easy to purchase, and run in, as there was a direct hi sec connection at the time.

My only issue was the DPS ship. Oliver had initially skilled up in combat minimally then become a mining and manufacturing  alt.
Biggest ship he could fly and had available was a Drake.

Right that's half the readers of this blog switched off....

Now the Drake is the first large combat ship that I flew, but had not tried it for 8-9 months. It was brought to over watch mining ops in Paragon Soul, and kill Sansha.

Wormholes are a different kettle of fish however. So I slinked into the hole fit with tech 1 Heavy Missiles, tech 1 shields and tech 1 Ballistic Missile enhancers. I did have a tech 2 damage control though.

So, that's the other half given up in disgust.

One of my colleagues immediately took me on a sleeper shoot.

I learned the following
1. I could take down the Frigates and Cruisers, just
2. Battleships, I could not break their tank.
3. Drones. Keep an eye on these. The sleepers spread their love by randomly re-targeting  the drones. They die fairly fast. Keep control and recall as soon as sleepers target them.
4. Align to safe is the best. Drakes align and warp like a drunken pig in a mud pool.
5. Sleeper Loot is like bounties, but you have to collect and take to certain K-space stations to swap for ISK.
6. Need to watch D-scan like a hawk while shooting the red crosses.

One low level site, done, 4 waves of sleepers. with my microscopic amount of damage it took nearly 45 minutes and I needed another person to shoot the battleships. Not good.

Found out that I am deficient in some crucial skills
Cloaking - need level 4 for a covert ops cloak.
Caldari Battlecruiser. Level 3 is really not good enough
All the shield skills - well 3's do not let you use any tech 2 modules.
Scanning- I can do it with a full complement of scanning modules in the mid slots and 2 rig slots for them as well.
Missile skills - mainly 3 and 4's. Ok, but need them up to increase DPS.
Weapon upgrades, need to increase it to fit the tech 2 modules.

So just to fit a tech 2 Drake properly my training queue looks to be about 30 days. Oh Happy days.

But the people are friendly, and that's what counts.

So in a wormhole and huffing gas...

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