Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kronos and me

Well a new patch. Nearly 40 minutes to load on the Mac. Almost gave up the nights activity at that point.

On loading and undocking it certainly looked visually, well, different. The artwork is visually stunning. Stars and Station skins look very very good.
Sound seems to have completely shut off however.... Hmm I liked the locking sound....

On the game play side, well I immediately whipped around the belts and did not find hordes of Mordus Legion queuing up to hand over the Blue Prints. There were more signs of life in a week dead cat.

Still kicked off the invention of some prospect blueprints and placed a materials order in Jita, on the hope that a few would work.
Not much going on in the home system so jumped round 6 more systems to check belts. No Mordus. Hmm
lots of other people out looking though. decloaked on a couple, but they ran away before I could lock.

The next few days were busy in real life, so I fished out the completed invention jobs, and found out that I have BPC's for 7 runs of the new prospect... Put 3 in to cook and semi afk mined.

The prospect, nice ship to look at and now I had some in the hanger was eager to try them out. That was a flop however as Mining Frigate V was not trained. I had missed that one, I had trained the new skill, but was stuck with 9 days left for mining frigate, never a priority till now...Should I swap? No was the answer as I did not want to abandon the 25 day skill that I started a few day ago. Ho hum. Planning was poor as usual. decided to wait.

A few days later I had the opportunity to sign on in the morning, and promptly did so. Un-docked in the Proteus to tour the belts. There were only a hand full of people in system and one was blue. Just as I hit Dscan, voice comms clicked in and I was asked if I was in a Retriever....
Sure enough a Retriever on Dscan. With only 6 belts, my colleague took the top and bottom and I went for 2 and 3 and we would meet in 4. As it happens I landed 14km off him in belt 3, and started in toward him while calling in my colleague to warp to me. He definately was shooting rocks with 2 beams out on different one. Not a Cyno carrier then. When my compatriot was in warp, I was 7km off target, dropped the cloak and began targeting him managed to scram him just as the Gnosis landed. We both opened fire and he died very quickly, no tank, set up for maximum mining.



The pod made no effort to escape, so he must have been AFK mining as well... On less than 5 minutes and a good kill already...

All the other Kronos changes seem to have passed me by, in the large.
The contested Guristas sites are far too lethal to venture into, in my little ships. I sat cloaked and watched a couple of carriers have a hard time in one, all for a ship skin....

Ship skins, to be honest I am not bothered, 95% are for ships that I do not fly, and a lot of the time I am zoomed out anyway to get a better tactical awareness. May go for a Proteus one, or a Gnosis one, or even to be honest one for the multitude of Gallente haulers.... When they are released.

The Prospects I have in the hanger, I could sell I suppose but at the prices they command I would be making less than a million each profit, and as I intend to fly and probably get shot in them at some point its worth keeping. They caused me trouble to make, so I will get my monies worth.

The anti cloaking in Faction Warfare does not affect me at all as I have yet to take a cloaked ship. Fights there are already far from fair though, so its a step in the right direction... The increase in large complexes is however interesting as it gives scope for future large ship warfare.

The best bit about Kronos is that its drawing lots more people into the Low Security regions of New Eden, and more people = more targets.


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