Thursday, August 14, 2014

All Change

Honestly, I go away for two weeks to the third world (not really just somewhere with no internet connection and I am too tight to pay roaming phone charges), and upheaval occurs.
John's corp, Space Mutts has basically folded and mail asks us all to apply to Dead Jesters.
Oliver's corp, Elite Mining Services, was kicked from the alliance and homeless...

Deep joy.

Now after a holiday it seems like there is a massive amount to do at home, washing, ironing, cut the grass, sort out the weed problem, retrieve the dog, children in school holidays.... the list seems endless. So eve time is limited.
Both were training Cruiser V while away, John Amarr and Oliver Caldari.
First night, logged in and checked mails, and reset PI and went to bed.
Second night, Oliver added to training queue and collected PI. Scanned out the hole, the low sec connection was bad, 6 jumps in Molden Heath to a high sec station, and the C2 looked to have too much traffic, and they were a Low/c2 system with the C2 end of life, so went back.
John got on with plenty in local but no one from Jesters that could accept him. So after housekeeping, joined two others on the gate for 30 mins before bed.
It was a bizarre night, for in 30 mins, three gnosis managed to shoot
Catalyst again

The Thrasher and the Imicus were the same person, Zen Zubon, and he lost his pod the second time. The Catalysts were also a special case, both piloted by Jacur Jigafur. Both identical fits and he lost his pod both times. With only 12 minutes between the two, one can only hope his stupidity was rewarded by failing to update his clone. It was interesting that he mixed blasters, with some ion some electron and some neutron.... must have had some issues. To lose your pod in low sec is fairly difficult, to do it twice in 12 minutes in the same place to the same people is silly.

The next day, everyone was somewhere else, so scanned out Oulley to see if anything interesting was there. There was a data site, so thought I would do that and went to swap ships. came out of station to find a magnate in system scanning, so swapped to proteus cloaked up and went to wait in the data site. The Magnate duly arrived and started hacking cans. Sportingly I waited until he was on the last can before I popped him
and then his pod.

He did not seem amused and promptly made the kill right available.

I was then bored so took out a bait venture and started mining... All sorts of neutrals came through the system, either none d scanned or the name "Bait Miner" put them off. Mined a load of pure Jaspet and went to bed.

Oliver logged on to find the same holes still open and a gas site. No other anomalies available, so reset PI, and went to bed. All the corp and alliance shenanigans really did not effect me as no assets were in Oulley.

Fly safe


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