Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mixed Feelings

Low Sec or Worm Holes.....


The last week I have been mainly on as Oliver, trying to set up all that I need, and only on as John after, and with a new character to get on as well.

The new chap will be high sec only and initially skills are being built up towards being an Ice Miner. Now this is dull, however POS fuel does not magic itself, and ice products are the most expensive to buy in.
Now I say most expensive because PI in the hole is sufficient, even at Oliver's skill levels to provide all the PI ingredients for fuel blocks. So just ice products need providing.

Large POS towers require 40 Fuel blocks PER HOUR of operation
Medium's require 20 PER HOUR

Not interested in small as to be honest its asking to be shot in any wormhole.

So that's either 960 or 480 fuel blocks per day. Current Jita prices are between 13k and 16k per block depending on the racial type. Mimnitar, is the cheapest and Caldari, the most expensive.

Large Tower between 14.5 and 15.4 million a day to buy fuel. That's  between 375 and 450 million per 30 days
Med Tower between 7.25 and 7.75 million a day and 190 and 225 million per 30 days.

Prices are approximate and rounded.

Now a character that could provide this as a sideline is worth it. About 30 days to mine the ice skill wise and another 30 to process it with a degree of efficiency.  The training is so long as you need to be in a barge, and that requires a reasonable amount of support skills to train into. Ideally, a Procurer or Skiff, as looking at systems with ice belts in high sec, there are a large number of ice miners dying to ganking. Either of these ships provides a measure of protection as they are easier to tank and therefore need more ships to kill them. This shortens the profit for the gankers, and also with the drone bonus that these ships now have, they too could be in on the concord kill mail. Not something the average ganker wants.

So with one playing skill queue online, and ongoing a semi afk mining regime its just the main two to decide the way forward.

Once Oliver is skilled enough to take a wormhole site solo, there will be more fun to be had here in a wormhole. Currently, the day is scanning the sites, warping to gas sites and collecting as much as I can before the sleepers turn up and then collecting the Drake and shooting the 6 frigates that turn up. Normally get about 3000m3 gas and the 6 sleepers for about 40 minutes signed on. Once PI is reset and collected that's almost an hour. Then, the choice is sign on as John, or go and collect more gas, mine or jump into the static and see what the next hole over holds.
This is my dilemma as currently my play time during the week is about 90 minutes. Also at the time I finish all this few are online in Oulley.

Part of me wishes to make a go of the worm hole and ignore low sec for a while, the rest wants the opposite... Its clear that I cannot do both well...

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